Omar Boraie’s Success In Transforming New Brunswick

Omar Boraie is a renowned real estate investor, philanthropist and shrewd entrepreneur. He is the founder of Boraie Development. Through this real estate company, Omar has succeeded in transforming New Brunswick to be a leading urban orchard.

Over the years, the company has been working with renowned financial institutions, contractors and visionary architects to develop and complete different projects within the set timelines. Notably, Boraie Development has been operating as a going concern for over four decades. Today, the company ranks as one of the leading developers in New Jersey. Boraie Development’s sales division, Boraie Realty subsidiary, has managed to make over $150 million in commercial and residential transactions. The sales team keeps abreast with the local property market. They achieve this objective by seeking to comprehend crucial residential and commercial factors.

The Egyptian-born scholar posits that in the earlier days, people could not walk on the streets, especially in the evening, as no one would be sighted in the city. To this end, he took it upon himself to change the story of New Brunswick. At the time, most buildings were dilapidated. However, he took a bold step of buying most property in the area. As he was disclosing his plan about the city, most people thought he was crazy. They believed that he would not succeed with his vision. They were wrong. Today, the city has many high-end projects, including The Aspire, One Spring Street, The Beach at South Inlet and Albany Street Plaza among many others.

According to NJ Biz, under Omar’s transformative leadership, the company has managed to use private capital sourced from leading commercial banks and its own capital to fund different projects. Owing to his extensive experience in constructing different projects, Omar has learnt how to develop properties that attract financial partners, residents and tenants who appreciate the company’s long-term ownership commitment.

Three of Omar Boraie’s children serve as vice presidents of Boraie Development. One of the company’s overall strategy is to manage its properties. This way, they are able to create more value for their assets. The real estate corporation has managed to maintain its property because of undertaking physical improvements on a regular basis. The primary functions of its property management strategy include customer service, marketing, accounting, leasing, administration and maintenance.

Besides being a successful investor, Omar has engaged in different philanthropic activities. Over the years, Omar, his family and Boraie Development have supported the State Theater. This New Brunswick-based institution has been offering artists with a platform to display their talent.

In addition, some institutions have worked closely with Omar to help the underprivileged members of society. In the recent past, Rutgers Cancer Institute established the Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science. Omar, who pursued chemistry at the university, was proud to participate in the university’s “18 Chair Challenge” campaign, reports He pledged $1.5 million in support of this initiative. The institution continues to make groundbreaking research in precision medicine.


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