Lead by Kate Hudson, Fabletics uses The Power of the Crowd to leap to the front.

Colorful, comfortable, convenient, and now gaining cult status, Fabletics leggings are taking the internet by storm! What sets this once small company apart from the rest? The soft, stretchy leggings that are a staple for the Fabletics monthly subscription aren’t just popular for their great fabric and style. Through the use of consumer reviews and social media, the once small company has harvested the power of the crowd.


The power of the crowd is a relatively new trend in online purchasing, where reviews and social media presence weigh as heavily as personal recommendations with buyers. Data has been showing customers leaning heavily towards reviews when researching and selecting products. These reviews (both on and off the original purchasing site) lend credibility to the manufactures statements. While many e-commerce sites have strayed away from featuring reviews, due to worries of backlash, it may have lost them more sales than they imagined.


An online article from HuffPost shows that consumer trust is reaching an all-time low. Customers are no longer willing to trust statements directly from companies through their websites or social media. Consumers are instead turning towards unbiased reviews from fellow consumers and trusted industry spokesmen. Companies like Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, who show reviews on all their products, are showing higher sales over companies that demand blind trust.


Looking closer at Fabletics, consumers respond as both positive and negative reviews remain on the site (unlike other companies who filter their reviews). Items with more negative reviews are quickly discontinued and likewise, items with higher reviews receive more colors, styles, and other variations. This style of a consumer-driven product allows Fabletics to quickly move inventory without consistently remarketing to their clients.


It’s no shock that Fabletics is doing so well. It’s the brainchild of actress Kate Hudson and TechStyle Fashion Group. Teaming together they sought to replace the current trend of bland, dull black and grey fitness gear with far trendier, attractive and desirable colors. The booming subscription-based model was a great fit in addition to the fresh new styles – however, for many customers, it was the hundreds of reviews that poured in praising their products. Kate Hudson remains with the company, still filming promotional light-hearted videos that are easy to relate to, and fun.


In a sea of distrustful startups, questionable quality, and doubting consumers, Fabletics stands as an excellent model for other businesses to follow if they want to keep consumers in the growing millennia age. It’s easy for one to see why to try out their online lifestyle quiz to see the reviews and leggings yourself.

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