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Securus Technologies and the Changing Pace of Prison Technology

Prison technology and investigation solution industry were considered to be lacking technology innovation and customer experience for long. But, that notion about the industry is changing rapidly in the recent decades, and now, all the players in the sector are forced to grab innovation and customer-centric solutions. I can confirm that it is due to the innovation efforts and service standards set by Securus Technologies, a prominent prison technology and enforcement services firm based in Texas. Since the company founded in 1986, the industry changed forever and quality service is the only option for the players to survive.


Securus Technologies has more than 2,500 correctional facilities in North America. I am much impressed by efforts of Securus in technology advancement as it spent at least $600 million from 2013 to 16 for research, acquisition, and patents – targeting technology. It gave a significant advantage to the firm over its rivals in the market. Per the latest reports, the company serves more than 1 million people across the North American countries. Securus is also credited with bringing personalized experience in solutions and customer service. Previously, the customer service and customer engagement were not considered to be a performance matrix for prison technology firms. But, Securus changed that with superior experience to inmates and their families.


Interestingly, the enforcement solutions, including public safety, corrections, investigation, and monitoring, of the firm are also created significant impacts in the sector. Most correctional centers have expressed their happiness in using the product solutions offered by Securus Technologies, and many of them wrote letters to the prison technology firm detailing how its solutions helped them. By the end of 2016, the leadership of Securus published some of those letters by removing the identity of those. Most of those letters were either praising its monitoring solutions, security solutions inside the prison, investigative tools, data analysis, and more.

Joel Friant and his Entrepreneurial Adventures Leading to The Original Habanero Shaker

Joel Friant is a highly successful serial entrepreneur who always in search of opportunities in a smart way. As a free-market enthusiast, he is fascinated by product creation, subconscious success training, and home-based business. Interestingly, all these three factors greatly complimented in his entrepreneurial ventures. Friant also helps aspiring entrepreneurs with his expert advice not just limited to business but also for personal life success. He started his business ventures with real estate industry and targeted purchasing properties, renovating or remodeling it, and flip it for considerable profits.

Later, in 1995, he started focusing on restaurant business when he opened Fast Food Thai Concept – the first of its kind in the country. Almost at the same time, Joel Friant identified the properties of Habanero Chile Pepper and decided to produce and market it. He named the flagship product as The Habanero Shaker and started selling it through some large grocery stores in the state of Washington. Friant also started focusing more on real estate including foreclosure buying and house flipping. Post-2000, he learned more about mortgage lending business and floated his mortgage lending firm to tap the opportunities in the real estate sector.

After the 2008 financial meltdown, Friant even assisted the entrepreneurs with strategies to safeguard themselves from losses. Post-2010, he enthusiastically learned about the options and possibilities given by the online stores. Joel Friant focused on Amazon and eBay and analyzed the benefits of using the largest platforms. Subsequently, he listed his Habanero Chile Pepper products online, and that got tremendous response across the country. A number of factors made the popularity of the chile pepper many folds.

Being buttery, smoky, and downright tasty, it was the most flavored pepper until that date. It was also found as one of the hottest chile peppers available in the market. The pepper comes with a perfect combination of flavor and heat. Interestingly, the chile pepper is a species that is known for very high amounts of capsaicin. Studies have shown that capsaicin can prompt the human brain to produce endorphins – known as natural painkiller generated by the human body. It means that the pepper can also produce natural health benefits.

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AvaTrade Review: What You Should Know

AvaTrade, a company founded in 2006,is an online Forex broker founded in Dublin,Ireland. It is known as one of the first Forex brokers to allow CFD trading on stocks,indices and commodities. They currently have offices in New York, Tokyo, Milan, and Sydney,along with other locations. AvaTrade review note they offer novice and experienced traders the resources to guide them through the world of Forex, while training them to trade using veteran decision making. Experts in Forex use AvaTrade as a backbone to their financial investments, giving them top-notch guidance on the decisions they are considering making, while newcomers are provided with detailed info on conversion rates,time zones, and more.

One of AvaTrade’s main advantages is its various trading platforms, as it gives clients 8 main types to choose from. For beginners, AvaTrade provides multiple automated trading platforms for clients, which allow them to mirror the trades made by seasoned traders. Another one of AvaTrade’s benefits is the low deposit amount, allowing users to begin trading with as little as $100. All of their membership plans allows free withdrawals, live market news, along with access to a senior account analyst.

In a nutshell, AvaTrade is a platform intended to serve as a lead financial resource for online traders. AvaTrade won’t invest for you, instead they offer methods of achieving long term success with Forex. They provide informed metrics that explain how a certain investment has performed, allowing you to make the decision on how much to invest. For those interested in investing, AvaTrade allows users to set up a free demo account, where beginners can trade with virtual money until they have mastered the art of trading foreign currencies in world markets. As a site that sees over 60 billion in investor trading each month, AvaTrade review state they have a solid reputation that has spanned over 10 years, which makes it worth a try.

Will The Oxford Club Ignite The Alt Coin Spark?

Every decade has its own amazing investment opportunities and every new wave of investors seeks to latch on. In the past, people focused on dot com struggles and other concerns, but recent thoughts have focused on the alt coin phenomenon and how to make as much bank as possible off of it. They are certainly countless Americans who want to try their luck at a fortune built around Bitcoin or Litecoin, but there are important details to understand before hand. That’s why the Oxford Club and its educational branch Investment U come in. They know how to invest in the right opportunities and they help everyone who wants to get involved prosper.

Investment U is currently creating guidance in order to steer people in the right direction regarding alt coins. Alt coins aren’t like stocks or bonds which happen to have infinite supply. The Oxford Club explains that most alt coins have a very specific amount they will release over the course of time and once they have been released they only way to receive anymore is to buy them from another investor. This means you must act swiftly and wisely in order to make the most of the market. Fortunately, that’s exactly what you’ll be able to do with their advice.

Perhaps the most relevant aspect of the advice given by Investment U is the nature of smart contracts. Smart contracts are written into code and used as a means of enforcing the rules of engagement when it comes to electronic currency. This makes them perfect for those who want to guarantee their investments aren’t being traded in a shady or inefficient way. You always know exactly what it is going to happen with your cryptocurrency.

The one thing just about every alt coin investor wonders about is when to begin. The earlier you invest in a coin the greater your profits are going to be. The first Bitcoin investors are now seeing insane profits thanks to their quick thinking while investors in other alt coins are starting to see their first returns. The Oxford Club has always emphasized quick thinking and that’s exactly what they’re teaching now.

Why Siteline Cabinetry is Different from the Rest

Some think that all cabinet manufacturers are equal. Siteline Cabinetry is continuing to prove that they are different from the rest of cabinet manufacturers. Since 1973, Pat Corsi has toiled and excelled in the woodworking field of cabinetry. He now is responsible for several great companies that are successful. Siteline Cabinetry allows customers to pick out the style and intricate details for their customized cabinet choice. This customized service is remarkably low cost, and customers are really loving the entire experience of planning, designing and then watching their envisioned original cabinetry come to life before their very eyes.

Siteline Cabinetry keeps their production costs down in some novel ways. Smartly, the company founder unrolled his new manufacturing company out in progressive stages. Now fully operational, Siteline Cabinetry is showing up in homes across their service areas. Many can’t believe that cabinets can be so beautiful and remain entirely functional. Most people want their homes to look original. They are not impressed with yesteryear’s popular cookie cutter looks. Most customized cabinetry is far too expensive for individuals with more modest incomes to afford. Siteline Cabinetry is making middle class homeowners able to pay for cabinets in which they had a great impact on the end design.

The benefits of having enough storage space cannot be overstated. When a home has spots for every item, the home tends to be easier to keep clean. Excess clutter problems can be simply solved by putting in cabinets in designs crafted uniquely for the homeowner’s personal needs. If a homeowner desires extra storage options in their family rooms, Siteline Cabinetry can craft cabinets that hide away any clutter usually seen in that heavily used family area. This is terrific when guests arrive unexpectedly. Everyone desires a home that is neat and tidy. Siteline Cabinetry has phenomenal style choices, beautiful rich colors in many hues and high end finishes that look sensational.

When customers choose Siteline Cabinetry, their money buys a lot. They end up with cabinets that truly make their home more organized and attractive. Customers can inquire about details at local area authorized dealers.