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The Work Of Roseann Bennett

A family therapist and marriage therapist with more than a decade of experience, Roseann Bennett has been impacting the mental health space for quite some time. Bennett has made a name for herself by working and advocating for patients from a variety of backgrounds with a variety of issues. Bennett has an impressive resume that includes starting her own center called the Center for Assessment and Treatment, located in New Jersey.


Recently Roseann Bennett shared some insight into her success. Bennett has gone through a series of stages that have helped her to reach her current status. Bennett is a graduate of Seton Hall University where she earned a Master’s Degree in Psychological Studies. While studying at Seton Hall she earned a specialty in family therapy. Today her practice focuses on young people and families in New Jersey. Some of the counties she focuses on include Warren, Somerset, and Hunterdon counties.


Roseann Bennett’s biggest success is her Center for Treatment. After years of working to heal and treat people, the idea for the center came to Roseann. Roseann had lots of experience working with in-home therapy and she really understood her patient’s needs. Center for Treatment and Assessment focuses on those patient needs. They treat families from all backgrounds specifically those people who are unable to pay for these services.


Roseann Bennett continues to be focus on The Future of Therapy. She hopes to inspire future students by offering various scholarships. She also continues to look carefully at telemedicine and how it can improve current service. Bennett believes in the power and advantages that telemedicine can offer, but also is committed to encouraging people to see their therapist in person. Go Here for more information about Bennett’s one-on-one session with Ideamensch.





Three Trends That Are Popular Among Lime Crime Fans

Lime Crime is known for creating fun products in vibrant shades. The company offers a wide range of cosmetics, including lipstick, glitter and eye shadow. You can find shades that work with your afternoon shopping spree or night on the town. Are you looking for suggestions on what products to purchase first? Here are three trends that are popular among Lime Crime fans.

Long-Lasting Lipstick

There is nothing more frustrating than having to reapply your lipstick several times a day. Luckily, Lime Crime offers long-lasting products such as Plushies, Matte Velvetines and Unicorn Lipstick. You can apply the lipstick for your business meeting or movie date without worrying about reapplying it later. The products come in shades such as Blackberry, True Love and Lace-Up.

Glitter For Late Events

If you are attending a late concert or grabbing drinks with your friends, you can add a glow to your look with glitter products. Start with the popular Diamond Crushers, which can be worn alone or over matte lipstick. Diamond Crushers come in shades ranging from the ruby pink Heirloom to the mint green Meadow. You can also find shades in two colors, such as the lavender and rainbow Unicorn.

Eye Palettes For Any Occasion

Whether you are heading to work, the market or a dinner party, Lime Crime offers eye palettes for any occasion. The Venus Grunge and Venus 2 Palettes feature red, brown and blue shades, and the Venus 3 Palette takes on a new theme with shades of pink and purple. Fans are also going wild over the Pocket Candy Palettes, which include glittery and matte shades. You can find several shades of pink, brown and purple in the Pocket Candy series.

Why are Lime Crime products so popular among customers? Fans love Lime Crime because the company is dedicated to creating products that fit every personality.

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Felipe Montoro Jens Transforms Brazil’s Financial Institutions

The adaption of private-public partnerships has fostered rapid development in various parts of the world. This concept is highly supported by Finance guru, Felipe Montoro Jens. His input in the benefits of governments allowing private companies to invest in their countries has created a name for him in his home country of Brazil. He has been known to be the link between governments and private investors seeking to set up infrastructure in Brazil. His experience in financial planning that dates as far back as two decades has earned him a voice in finance and administration. Visit to know more about Montoro Jens.

Felipe Montoro is the brain behind the new financing structure, which encourages different players in the private sector to come in and finance projects that were previously, solely financed, by the banks. This he says creates competition and does away with monopoly market that existed previously. In return, the citizens are assured of better services because the private companies will do their best to secure another financing project in future.

In a recent meeting with officials from the Inter-American Development Bank, Felipe Montoro noted that allowing public-private partnership between America and Brazil would close the gap between the two regarding infrastructure. Felipe Montoro Jens stated that the partnership would kick-start projects that had not been started due to lack of capital. This resonates well with his belief in the improvement of Brazil’s economy through building modern infrastructure He also believes that this model will benefit the country by making it easy to monitor the projects and account for the money spent.

Felipe Montoro advises young entrepreneurs to have a goal and remain focused on it until the goal is achieved. In addition, Felipe Montoro asks aspiring leaders to give their best regardless of the nature of their work or their current position.