Roseann Bennett: Therapist Turned Entrepreneur Turned Activist


An undoubtedly positive influence in the mental health industry, Roseann Bennett is revered as a revolutionary role model in her domain. Given her extensive experience, Bennett’s sentiments are wholeheartedly valued. When Bennett began as a mental health professional, her services were limited to in-home counseling. Upon expanding her services to outpatient therapy, Bennett stumbled upon one disheartening truth: patients were waiting anywhere from six to nine months to receive treatment. Notably perturbed by this reality, Bennett vowed to initiate much-needed change. As a result, the Center for Assessment and Treatment came to fruition.


The Center for Assessment and Treatment seeks to assist individuals from all walks of life. More specifically, Roseann Bennett strives to aid those who have been marginalized by their community. Fortunately, Bennett’s expertise runs the gamut from marital counseling to individual therapy, enabling her to assist a wide variety of clients.


Roseann Bennett’s approach is natural, and most of her procedures center around healing from the inside out. She’s even started incorporating “Canine-Assisted Therapy” into her sessions. Regarding the future of medicine, Bennett sees telemedicine becoming a growing trend. It’s for this reason why she urges young professionals to get involved in the mental health community.


In the hopes of inspiring collegiate to pursue a career in mental health, Bennett offers a scholarship program designed specifically for aspiring health care professionals. With that said, Bennett is committed to enhancing her domain and evolving alongside it. When she’s not thriving as a counselor, Bennett aims to empower women in the workplace.


In fact, she’s devised solutions to the gender imbalances that are pervasive in the workplace. Given her status as a successful female entrepreneur, Bennett feels strongly about bolstering women and enabling them to thrive. No doubt a forward-thinking businesswoman, Bennett was destined to make it big in her realm. Read This Article for more information.


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