Eric Lefkofsky Is Dedicating A Lot Of Effort And Money Into Tempus

Eric Lefkofsky has not wasted any time achieving his goals, even since he was a young boy. By the time Eric finished high school, he was already pushing to go to college and he graduated from the University of Michigan by 1991. Just two years later, Eric emerged from Michigan Law School with his Juris Doctor Degree. Along with a friend of his, Eric Lefkofky went on to found Lightbank, a company focused on funding other technological companies. Not long after this first entrepreneurial success, Eric founded Echo Global Logistics, another successful company that provided logistics outsourcing. Eric has always focused on technology companies and he even published a book known as Accelerated Disruption to discuss the impact advancing technology has on business development.

To this day, Eric Lefkofsky’s most popular company is Groupon by far, which Eric co-founded back in 2008 with a colleague of his, Brad Keywell. Despite an offer of more than 6 billion by the massive Google corporation, Eric Lefkofsky refused to give the company up. Groupon may be Eric’s most successful startup to date, but Tempus is currently his biggest passion and his proudest achievement. Since the company was started up a couple of years ago, it has grown in value to roughly three-quarters of a billion dollars.

Eric Lefkofsky’s passion for philanthropy has also been a consistent source of his inspiration when he creates a new idea for a company, which is especially true of the Eric Lefkofsky foundation. Over the years of his business career, Eric has been an active supporter of the Chicago community, donating to charities, supporting education, further research for different illness relating to children, and much more. Although Eric is currently competing in a competitive and complex industry with Tempus, Eric is one of the best there is at overcoming obstacles.

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