The Contribution of James Dondero in Empowering the Community

James Dondero is the founding father of Highland Capital management. He has more than three decades of experience in the credit markets and mainly concentrates on the highly profitable investments. Under his expert leadership, Highlands Capital management has managed to lead in developing the CLO market and advancing credit-oriented solutions for organizational and retail investors worldwide. Highland offers a variety of financial product such as hedge funds, private equity funds, and mutual fund and many more. Mr. James Dondero is also an experienced entrepreneur and philanthropist. His tight schedules are filled with work and activities that are aimed at helping the community in Dallas.

As the founding father and the president of highland capital management, Mr. John has ensured that the firm embraced corporate social responsibility in its mission. With his entrepreneurial culture, he has made a decision to establish a foundation that aims at making tangible and positive impacts on the surrounding community and bringing sustainable improvements in Dallas. He has made numerous donations and his financial support to organizations such as the Family Place, Dallas Zoo and Museums, SMU Tower Scholars program and many more. Mr. James also noted that his firm is committed to supporting institutions that are aimed at making Dallas become a better place.

In the course of his philanthropic work, has made a donation to the Dallas Zoo newest exhibit. This Zoo was known as a habitat for Hippos. However, after one of its elderly hippo named Papa died, the Zoo management closed the Zoo as the hippo residence was no longer needed and closed the Zoo for nearly twenty years. The residents of Dallas didn’t like the idea and they launched complains as they wanted the Zoo to be reopened. The management team luckily heard the cries of the people and decided to open the Zoo. The only challenge was that the whole process required about 14 million dollars for it to be restored. Mr. James Dondero made his notable donation and now the Dallas residents are happy as they can go watch hippos at the Zoo.

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