James Dondero’s Philanthropy and Entrepreneurship

James Dondero, also called Jim Dondero, has maintained a remarkable record in philanthropy for the longest time. The renowned entrepreneur has a tight schedule nearly all the time due to his many networks and business endeavors. His days are filled with activities and meetings because of his involvement in many organizations. Several organizations have benefited from Dondero’s charitable efforts, which is the driving force behind his undying influence. The Co-founder of Highland Capital Management has used this organization as a tool for his philanthropic work right from its inception. Read more about James Dondero at Nexpoint Advisors.


James Dondero’s foundation has been central in making strategic movements to improve Dallas. Through his foundation, James managed to make tangible impacts on the society by delivering large-scale support to organizations. So far, they have managed to support several organizations, including The Dallas Zoo, The Family Place, and Education is Freedom. For lasting impact, James Dondero devices a strategic approach that appreciates the positive change that the nonprofit organizations make when they join hands. Visit jimdondero.com to know more about him.

Advancing Dallas in Unique and Influential Ways

The Dallas community was displeased when the Dallas Zoo administration decided to eliminate their hippo habitat. This happened after Papa, an old hippo, died. For more than twenty years, this residence remained shut despite people crying foul often. People from this community wanted to be granted the opportunity to observe these large and entertaining animals in action. After a long time, their complaints were heard and responded to. Although it was a challenge to renovate the hippo residence, which required $14 million, their efforts had a tangible impact. In this cause, Highland Capital management donated $1million to see that people’s plea was gratified. James Dondero says that the Zoo managerial crew expressed concern by agreeing to go out of their way and asking for support from charitable organizations.

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