Gareth Henry: A Comprehensive Biography

Gareth Henry was recently featured on EverybodyWiki’s site. This is a comprehensive biography for him, which recaps the EverybodyWiki page. Henry was born in London, but he currently resides in New York City, New York. Gareth Henry has a very prestigious educational background. He has a bachelor of science in Actuarial Mathematics from Heriot-Watt University. His alma mater is from the University of Edinburgh. After college, his first job was at Watson Wyatt. He worked there as an analyst. But it wasn’t long before he moved on to the Global Investment Management Services team. And from there, things only went up.

Henry became an investment manager at SEI Investments in the year 2004, leaving his other employer in the past. Eventually, his employment journey brought him to Fortress Investment Group in the year 2007. Gareth Henry moved to the United States for this opportunity. And that is where he has been working and living ever since.

He is currently in charge of International Investor Relations. While this is a big responsibility, he has certainly proved that he is indeed the man for the job. He has significantly increased the amount of money that the company is bringing in. He has also worked as a successful liason for overseas companies all over the world in negotiations.

Gareth Henry remains committed to his work, and dutifully committed to his clients.

His expertise in customer service and his extensive knowledge of mathematics have both served him well in his career. Henry is regarded as a very compassionate and smart man by businesses and people alike.

It is important to know that there is also a Gareth Henry Access Bursary in Edinburgh. From here, Henry has personally mentored some students to help give them a headstart for success in their careers. He has said he believes effective mentoring is very important.

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