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ClassDojo Bridges the Communication Gap Between Parents and Teachers

Entrepreneur recently published Jodie Pozo-Olano’s article on education technology in the article “What Your Edtech Product Needs to Get a Gold Star from Educators.” The article reveals that Edtech companies need to pay attention to the needs of their potential customers instead of just assuming they know what the teachers and schools need.

One of the most significant issues in the Edtech market is that many companies believe they know what the problems are in classrooms without ever doing the research. Often they think that if they can gamify the lesson, they will be able to make learning more fun and that their products will fly off the shelves. What they do not recognize is that teachers can often do a better job at making the lesson more fun even without the technology. However, because of this only 59% of teachers feel that the technology they use in the classroom is meeting the needs of the students. Teachers want to see that the technology can be implemented and adopted in the classroom seamlessly. Creating a new product is not enough. Edtech companies need to keep teachers in mind as they develop products to support them. Teachers also want to see that the technology has a proven track record of improving student performance.

Some companies have been able to meet the student, teacher, and parent needs by listening to their potential customers and proving that it works. One such company is ClassDojo. The co-founder of the company, Sam Chaudhary, developed the product with both teachers and parents in mind after recognizing a unique problem. He realized through his research that parents and teachers wanted to communicate more about the student’s needs. Previously, they were only able to have an in-depth discussion about student progress in parent-teacher conferences. ClassDojo was developed to bridge the gap of communication.

The free app is no available to teachers and parents for free, and it is used in more than 90% of classrooms around the U.S. More than 180 countries use the app, and it is available in 35 different languages. There is also a 12-month deletion component to protect the privacy of students.

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The Work Of Roseann Bennett

A family therapist and marriage therapist with more than a decade of experience, Roseann Bennett has been impacting the mental health space for quite some time. Bennett has made a name for herself by working and advocating for patients from a variety of backgrounds with a variety of issues. Bennett has an impressive resume that includes starting her own center called the Center for Assessment and Treatment, located in New Jersey.


Recently Roseann Bennett shared some insight into her success. Bennett has gone through a series of stages that have helped her to reach her current status. Bennett is a graduate of Seton Hall University where she earned a Master’s Degree in Psychological Studies. While studying at Seton Hall she earned a specialty in family therapy. Today her practice focuses on young people and families in New Jersey. Some of the counties she focuses on include Warren, Somerset, and Hunterdon counties.


Roseann Bennett’s biggest success is her Center for Treatment. After years of working to heal and treat people, the idea for the center came to Roseann. Roseann had lots of experience working with in-home therapy and she really understood her patient’s needs. Center for Treatment and Assessment focuses on those patient needs. They treat families from all backgrounds specifically those people who are unable to pay for these services.


Roseann Bennett continues to be focus on The Future of Therapy. She hopes to inspire future students by offering various scholarships. She also continues to look carefully at telemedicine and how it can improve current service. Bennett believes in the power and advantages that telemedicine can offer, but also is committed to encouraging people to see their therapist in person. Go Here for more information about Bennett’s one-on-one session with Ideamensch.





Felipe Montoro Jens Transforms Brazil’s Financial Institutions

The adaption of private-public partnerships has fostered rapid development in various parts of the world. This concept is highly supported by Finance guru, Felipe Montoro Jens. His input in the benefits of governments allowing private companies to invest in their countries has created a name for him in his home country of Brazil. He has been known to be the link between governments and private investors seeking to set up infrastructure in Brazil. His experience in financial planning that dates as far back as two decades has earned him a voice in finance and administration. Visit to know more about Montoro Jens.

Felipe Montoro is the brain behind the new financing structure, which encourages different players in the private sector to come in and finance projects that were previously, solely financed, by the banks. This he says creates competition and does away with monopoly market that existed previously. In return, the citizens are assured of better services because the private companies will do their best to secure another financing project in future.

In a recent meeting with officials from the Inter-American Development Bank, Felipe Montoro noted that allowing public-private partnership between America and Brazil would close the gap between the two regarding infrastructure. Felipe Montoro Jens stated that the partnership would kick-start projects that had not been started due to lack of capital. This resonates well with his belief in the improvement of Brazil’s economy through building modern infrastructure He also believes that this model will benefit the country by making it easy to monitor the projects and account for the money spent.

Felipe Montoro advises young entrepreneurs to have a goal and remain focused on it until the goal is achieved. In addition, Felipe Montoro asks aspiring leaders to give their best regardless of the nature of their work or their current position.



Why Paul Mampilly Share HIs Investing Knowledge With Regular Investors

For about 20 years Paul Mampilly held jobs on Wall Street. He had been an analyst at one point in his career but by the time he left at age 42 he was managing a multibillion-dollar hedge fund. One of his proudest achievements was winning the Templeton Foundation investment competition where he beat other hedge fund managers gains over the course of a year. His success led to him being featured on cable shows covering money and investments as they sought his insight into what would be the next big thing to invest in.

Today Paul Mampilly focuses on providing regular people with the research he does in regards to what companies to invest in. He puts together Profits Unlimited which is a subscription-based monthly financial newsletter. He also operates a couple of top trading services which are True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes. His goal is to help regular investors make money in the stock market by investing in the small and mid-cap companies he recommends to them.

Another way that Paul Mampilly shares his investing experience is through public speaking. Later this year he will be speaking at the Total Wealth Symposium which is an annual event. He says that last years attendees were able to achieve returns of greater than 1665% between them. The goal for this year, he says, is to provide the information attendees need that will make each of them a millionaire.

During the 2017 Total Wealth Symposium, he talked about cybersecurity and why that was an industry to invest in. As more and more companies need to lock down their cybersecurity efforts they need outside companies in this industry to come in and make their systems more secure. Paul Mampilly says that cybersecurity experts know that anymore it is really impossible to completely keep hackers out of computer systems. The focus has switched to detecting this hacking in real-time, he says, and immediately reacting to it. Companies have also made strides in regards to encrypting data to the point where it doesn’t leak out during a hacking attempt.

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Aloha Construction Reviews the 4 Most Common Homeowner Mistakes

There are four common, costly mistakes that homeowners tend to make. Follow the tips below from Aloha Construction to ensure you don’t make them.


Improper Upgrades


Upgrading your home to add value is a smart investment. To make sure that you will get the most bang for your buck when it comes to investing in upgrading your home, it’s best to work on the roof or your siding. After all, who wants to buy a house with a leaky roof? Investing in fixing basic issues before making any other upgrades will guarantee a better price (which could bring back as much as 80% of cost when it comes to siding replacement) as well as curb appeal.


Property Inspection Procrastination


Property inspections should be performed at least once a year, and especially so if you have had any recent heavy storms. Aloha Construction offers free property inspections, so that’s less money out of your pocket.


Once their team of experts have completed their thorough nine-point inspection of your siding, roofing, and shingles, they’ll assist you with the insurance process to expedite repairs. An annual property inspection saves money in the long run by getting all repairs rounded up and sent to the insurance company in one shot.

Ignoring Downspouts and Gutters


Aloha Construction advises taking a thorough look at your gutters as seasons change. Look for sagging or leaky gutters, which can indicate an obstruction. Also don’t forget to make sure any downspouts are facing away from your home and water isn’t puddling underneath.


Gutter and downspout issues can ultimately lead to problems with the roof and foundation, so proper maintenance is critical.


Trying to Upgrade Cheap


Whether hiring an unqualified construction company or you’re an inexperienced individual trying to DIY repairs, it could end up more costly. This is why it’s pivotal to do proper research of potential construction companies. Aloha Construction is a leading general contractor in Illinois and Southern Wisconsin because of their qualifications, honest work ethic, and fair pricing.


Call today and let BBB Torch Award Winning Aloha Construction assist you in repairing and maintaining your home!

History Repeats Itself: Adam Milstein Explains The Danger

Anyone who visits the concentration camps of Europe can’t help but walk away with an overwhelming sense of sadness and overwhelm, as Adam Milstein explains in his piece “Our view from Auschwitz: How tragedies of the past become lessons for the future” where he talks about the emotional experience of visiting the last places where many people persecuted by Adolf Hitler were subjected to tremendous cruelty, torture and even death at the hands of the Nazis.


Adam Milstein explains that it is tempting to look at these places as spaces where horrible historical atrocities occurred. It can be a little easier to visit Auschwitz and see it as a museum, where the worst of humanity played out in a tragic way that almost wiped out an entire people. We can’t possibly be like that anymore, right? Adam Milstein says that it is dangerous to visit the camps and see them as merely historic. They are reminders that this must never happen again, but also that anti-Semitism can and does rise up right under our noses.


Adam Milstein explains that the same kind of anti-Semitism that fueled the Nazi movement can rise up, even in the United States, because the Holocaust did not just happen. It was the product of years of anti-Semitism that culminated in one of the world’s worst genocides.

We have seen a tremendous rise in nationalism over the past several decades. This is not unique to the United States. Europe has seen an increase as well. This pattern is disturbingly familiar, not only to Adam Milstein but to many scholars who study the Holocaust and try to find patterns in why and how it all started. An upshoot in anti-Semitism, racism, and intolerance has been cropping up all around the world. Before World War Two, many Jewish people saw the danger coming and called out for help but their calls fell on deaf ears. Adam Milstein warns us against allowing that to happen again and quashing the nationalism and anti-Semitism that is happening now. He cautions that another Holocaust could happen again. It is a sobering truth.

Rocketship Shifting Focus To Reduce Achievement Gap

Rocketship Public Schools Formerly Rocketship Education has changed the attitude towards education. The public charter school network is dependent on state money and investment from sponsors and has an annual budget of $52.6 million. Recently the school slowed its expansion cycle to only two new schools per year but the size of the classrooms has been enhanced to accommodate more students. These super-large classes are run by two teachers and an aide, and they allow for specialized teaching and the use of computers in class.

The school has adopted a hybrid system of teaching that combines conventional instruction with personalized tutoring and online learning. The K-5 schools have received investments from various quarters including a $250 million expansion grant from the Education Department and from Tennis guru Andre Agassi, Netflix head Reed Hastings also supported the school’s growth in Bay Area with a $2 million donation. In Washington, D.C, the schools partnered with Apple Tree Institute to offer preschool services.

With the stellar score on national tests, the school is the best alternative for low-income communities. With 70% of its student base learning English as a second language, the school’s enrollment is pegged at 86% for disadvantaged. The main aim of the school is to reduce the achievement gap between the low-income and immigrant communities and their wealthier counterparts. With the success of its flagship school the Mateo Sheedy Elementary School in San Jose California, the school went through a rapid expansion that saw it expand to Nashville Tennessee and in Milwaukee Wisconsin.

The school also runs a leadership program for teachers and principals. This has elevated the institution to the height of the education sector, and with the goals, it has set being met, it is bound to rise even higher. The school recently underwent a leadership change when co-founder John Danner left, but it still held its course. The school also launched QueenHype, a program aimed at empowering girls, especially in communication. With a focus on discipline and attention to its students, Rocketship has changed the fortunes of those with low socioeconomic backgrounds.

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Jeff Herman’s Fight Against Sexual Abuse

Jeff Herman is an American advocate who deals exclusively with cases of sexual abuse .He owns the Herman Law, located in Boca Raton in the city of New York. Herman Law exposes the sexual predators and brings justice to the sexual victims. He graduated from Case Western Reserve University School of law.


Jeff Herman says that children are the most vulnerable to sexual abuse because they are weak and naïve. When a child is abused, two things might happen:

  • The child might fail to speak it out due to fear of being jilted or accused for carelessness.
  • He/she might not even realize that she has been abused therefore allows the abuse to continue.


Jeff Herman admits that it is impossible for parents to be with their children throughout in order to prevent abuse. However, they can equip their children with skills that will enable them escape abuse.


Jeff shared some Tips on How to Protect Your Kids Against Sexual Abuse:

  • Parents should teach them how to keep body boundaries when they are still young.
  • Make it a habit to talk to children about sexual abuse.
  • Emphasize on the importance of keeping safe by giving examples on cases of sexual abuse.
  • Let your children understand that they have the right to say no to anyone who makes sexual advances to them
  • Keep a close relationship with your children, this make them to be free with you and tell when they fear abuse.
  • Parents should be a little nosy when it comes to their children’s online interactions.
  • Parents should let their children understand that not everyone who is friendly is genuine some have bad intensions.


Signs of abuse of sexual abuse

In most occurrences sexual abuse, Jeff Herman says that the victims fail to speak it out making it difficult to expose the abusers, however be sure to observe the following when one is sexual abused.

  • Depression or anger.
  • Body injuries.
  • Development of behaviors that they had earlier outgrown such as shyness or bed wetting.
  • Sudden fear development or paranoia.
  • Drastic behaviors for instance weeping for no reason.
  • Behavioral changes such as acting out sexually.


For us to counter sexual abuse, we must be ready to report any cases of abuse without fear, this is an obligation of both the abused, the guardian and other community members in general. Read This Article for additional information.




Heal And Soothe, The Number One Holistic Choice In Pain Relief

For some people who suffer from body and joint pain on a daily basis, it can be debilitating. Chronic pain as a result of Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoporosis, sprains and fractures, pulling a muscle, or a permanent injury often times limits us from performing every day activities and tasks we were once were able to do.

Over the counter drugs and NSAIDs like Tylenol, Advil and other Ibuprofen products are made only to treat the underlying symptoms and provide temporary relief without actually eliminating the root cause of the consumer’s pain.

There are also side effects to consider while taking these drugs. No matter how much companies guarantee and advertise how safe these products can be, we as consumers still incur surprise side effects that can prove to be fatal depending on the person.

In other cases, the product does not work at all unless ingested at high doses, which can also be bad for the consumer’s health in the long run. It is no wonder people are turning to healthier, holistic methods!

An up and coming dietary supplement that’s gaining attention is a product called Heal And Soothe. Heal And Soothe is made strictly from all-natural ingredients found in nature only and proven to be good for the body with no side effects and no gimmicks!

Heal And Soothe provides a healthier, long-lasting and effective approach to reducing body and joint pain for good. Using Systemic Enzyme Therapy, Heal And Soothe’s patented formula of 12 essential ingredients have been proven to fight pain and naturally increase production of enzymes the body needs to make in order to help repair the body. These wonderful proteolytic enzymes are what made Heal And Soothe Changed the Supplement Industry.

Over time as we age, the enzymes needed to promote a fast recovery and encourage healing during injury or sickness slows down considerably. With Heal And Soothe, biochemicals are neutralized and the body is able to regenerate these essential enzymes, acting like a bio catalyst that reduces swelling and inflammation. With this product you can expect to see a decrease in the pain of joints, scrapes, bruises and injuries. See This Page for related information.

With benefits this good that clearly outperform what’s currently in the market, the choice couldn’t be easier with Heal And Soothe. It’s time to take a leap into your future without pain with a product that is guaranteed to work.




Stream Energy Demonstrates Its Dedication To Supporting The Community

Stream Energy is an energy company headquartered in Dallas, Texas that provides wireless, energy, protective and home services. Its one of the top connected life and direct selling firms in the United States. It was founded in 2005 and currently operates in several states including Texas, Illinois, Washington D.C., Ohio and New York. Stream is devoted to giving back to the society through its charitable division called Stream Cares. The company was featured on Patch for its tireless efforts of assisting the needy in the community and supporting local charities.

Stream Energy has been providing relief services to victims of calamities such as hurricanes for years. In the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in Houston, the company used its profits to fund the rebuilding and recovery efforts. In 2016, Stream was among the first respondents to give donations to victims of the Texas Tornado who had lost their businesses and homes.

The organization has developed deep committed relationships with non-profit organizations like Red Cross and Habitat for humanity which it donates generously towards. Stream Energy also collaborates with Hope Supply Co to support the homeless people in Dallas. They hold an annual event for homeless children at a local water park and even donate money and supplies towards homeless families.

Stream Energy participated in a charity project called Operation Once in a Lifetime through which they offered financial and moral support to underprivileged military veterans living in Dallas and their families. Stream paid for a special lunch in a Texas restaurant for the veterans and their families and also covered their transport costs to the restaurant. The firm also co-hosted an event called the American Girl Doll Experience for ten girls whose parents were members of the military the next day.

American businesses are increasingly noticing the need for corporate social responsibility especially philanthropy. Statistics show that in 2016, businesses donated more than $18 billion to local and international charities. Stream Energy’s event manager Kimberly Girard points out that the firm is fond of touching lives in the community. The company is a role model when it comes to helping the less fortunate.