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ClassDojo Bridges the Communication Gap Between Parents and Teachers

Entrepreneur recently published Jodie Pozo-Olano’s article on education technology in the article “What Your Edtech Product Needs to Get a Gold Star from Educators.” The article reveals that Edtech companies need to pay attention to the needs of their potential customers instead of just assuming they know what the teachers and schools need.

One of the most significant issues in the Edtech market is that many companies believe they know what the problems are in classrooms without ever doing the research. Often they think that if they can gamify the lesson, they will be able to make learning more fun and that their products will fly off the shelves. What they do not recognize is that teachers can often do a better job at making the lesson more fun even without the technology. However, because of this only 59% of teachers feel that the technology they use in the classroom is meeting the needs of the students. Teachers want to see that the technology can be implemented and adopted in the classroom seamlessly. Creating a new product is not enough. Edtech companies need to keep teachers in mind as they develop products to support them. Teachers also want to see that the technology has a proven track record of improving student performance.

Some companies have been able to meet the student, teacher, and parent needs by listening to their potential customers and proving that it works. One such company is ClassDojo. The co-founder of the company, Sam Chaudhary, developed the product with both teachers and parents in mind after recognizing a unique problem. He realized through his research that parents and teachers wanted to communicate more about the student’s needs. Previously, they were only able to have an in-depth discussion about student progress in parent-teacher conferences. ClassDojo was developed to bridge the gap of communication.

The free app is no available to teachers and parents for free, and it is used in more than 90% of classrooms around the U.S. More than 180 countries use the app, and it is available in 35 different languages. There is also a 12-month deletion component to protect the privacy of students.

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