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EOS Lip Balm

EOS Lip Balm Review

On the Ulta Beauty website, the EOS lip balm has been getting many great reviews. This lip balm got a four and a half star out of five in 2,590 reviews. The most helpful review gave the product a five star and had many wonderful things to say about the product. This reviewer bought the mint flavored lip balm. The lip balm container caught her attention at checkout and she immediately grabbed it. She loved the berry flavor to it, and the fact that it wasn’t artificial or waxy. She loved the results of it. She started using it before bed, and she uses it often in place of lip gloss. She stated that it didn’t make her lips dry out, it didn’t feel flaky, or leave her lips feeling waxy or cakey. She loved the shape of the lip balm and the fact that the orb shape made it very easy to apply. She stated that the EOS lip balm is the best lip balm she has ever used, and especially for the great price it is. The lip balm was a major hit for her, and she even stated that she wishes she could tell everyone about the product!

Category: Beauty Product