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The Customer Relations Of Paul Herdsman


Paul Herdsman is the founder and COO of a successful Jamaican-based customer service company. In the leadership of NICE Global, Paul focuses on customer retention, customer satisfaction, business development, marketing and sales, and human resources.

He is also an unusual employee relations-centric employer. Paul Herdsman and NICE are so good at this that the company has the highest employee retention rate on the island. He is very interested in team morale, staff retention, and staff expertise.

NICE is what is known as a nearshore company. This sort of company is recognized as being very beneficial for U.S. companies that are outsourcing to them. Being nearshore means that being just outside of the U.S. they can provide services at a more competitive rate, yet they are close enough to the states that the CEOs of the main companies can easily come to tour the facilities. See This Page for related information

Herdsman first founded NICE Global in 2014. Prior to that point, he had already gained a vast amount of experience and knowledge of the industry over many years. It was in the course of these years that he gradually came to see that his gift was in the area of customer service.

Paul Herdsman sought more and more ways to help customers until NICE Global was eventually born. The idea for it first came about in 2013 when he was exploring what was involved in outsourcing from various large companies. While that year he started doing outsourcing for companies throughout the world, he realized that it needed a definite company for a perfectly streamlined oversight.


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