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Rebel Wilson Features in “Isn’t It Romantic”, Upcoming Movie, as Natalie

“Isn’t It Romantic” movie is set to come out next year’s Valentine’s Day. Its trailer is already out painting a picture of a dramatic great romantic comedy. Priyanka Chopra, Rebel Wilson as well as Liam Hemsworth will star in the romantic comedy. The three stars have made a big name in the entertainment industry and fans look forward to yet another great movie with a combination of stars who have never starred together in any movie. Love birds will have a day of their lives in the valentines day with the movie’s release.

Rebel Wilson features in the movie as Natalie and it is centered on her love life. Ms. Wilson is an Australian who took the entertainment industry by storm with huge appearances. She attended the Australian Theatre for Young People and after graduating, she made appearances on SBS’s show and others.

The movie will feature Natalie trapped in a love triangle with both Adam Devine and Liam Hemsworth eyeing for her. According to the trailer, Hemsworth will emerge the lucky one managing to get into Natalie’s inner cycle. Learn more about Rebel Wilson:

According to the trailer, Natalie is a non-believer in comedy. However, she dramatically wakes up to a romantic comedy one morning. She is initially shown talking to her mother. Her mother told her that she didn’t have a shot at landing a dream guy. Follow Rebel Wilson on Instagram

She, however, appeared to be contented and trapped in her own non-bothering life. After the fateful morning, Natalie is a fully grown lady finding her place in the world of love.

The PG13 rated movie is for sure going to influence teens positively with lessons such as self-acceptance as well as self-love surfacing. It is another huge achievement for Rebel Wilson as she stars in the yet to be a banger movie.

After graduating from college, she made an appearance on SBS’s Pizza comedy series where she took the role of Toula. She later established her career as an actress, writer as well as producer. She started becoming famous when she was featured in City Homicide and Bargain. She also wrote, produced and starred in Bogan Pride, a music comedy series. Learn more about Rebel Wilson: and

Priyanka Chopra will also be featured in the upcoming movie as Isabella the Yoga Ambassador. She has also established a notable career in the industry with huge appearances. She will complement the good work of Rebel Wilson in the movie.

Acting as Fat Amy, Ms. Wilson became more superstar when she appeared in the Pitch Perfect musical series. Fans can’t get enough of her overwhelming smily face. Her charm is just on another high level. She is relied on to bring a fun moment from any situation. In Pitch Perfect 3, Fat Amy came out as a karate specialist as she rescued her close friends from her a gone-rogue father who had kidnapped them.

Deep-inside, Rebel Wilson is an humble lady who is always working hard to put her name out there. She is confident inside her skin, and she is never influenced by side shows. She attributes her successful career to hard work.