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OSI Group Partnership with McDonalds

OSI Group is among the world’s largest food supplier that has established operations in 17 countries across the globe. The company has hired more than 20,000 workers who hold various positions in the company. OSI Group is a growing presence in the evolving globalized economy of today. The company has partnered with other quality food brands and among its oldest partner is McDonald’s, which is the largest restaurant chain in the world that has established the fast food business in more than 100 countries. Although McDonald’s is famous for selling fries and burgers it also features variety of product like wraps, milkshakes, desserts and even soft drinks.

At the time when Ray Kroc was opening his OSI Group McDonalds restaurant as an agent, he entered into an agreement with Harry and Arthur, sons of the founder of OSI Group then known as Otto & Sons to be supplying his new business with meat products. Later Kory purchased McDonald’s from the founders, Richard and Maurice McDonald’s, and become the franchise’s CEO. The business kicked off and its partnership with OSI Group McDonalds developed into a long-lasting business relationship.Over the years OSI Group has continued supplying several chains of the McDonald’s with meat products. Initially, the main task for the company was to maintain consistency in all the products it was supplying as demanded by OSI Group McDonalds. Therefore, OSI Group came up with best meat products that could be transported over long distances and retain their quality.

It was also necessary for the company to avail affordable products so that the prices of the burgers in the restaurant could be reasonable.The technological breakthrough of the 1960s brought benefits , according to OSI Group because then they could preserve their meat products without worrying about it going stale. Additionally, they could transport the products longer distances than before to reach the OSI Group McDonalds restaurants that were located in various parts of the country even at a more affordable price.The technological innovation opened other doors for OSI Group to expand the business. Over the years, it has become McDonald core supplier, and in 1973 they collaborated in building McDonald’s a supply chain dealing exclusively with meat patties. The two companies are still partners to date.

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Sheldon Lavin Honored with the Prestigious Global Visionary Award

In 2016, Sheldon Lavin, the chairman and chief executive officer of OSI industries, received the Global Visionary Award. The prestigious award and recognition by India’s Vision World Academy that seek to recognize and appreciate the efforts of visionary leaders across the world and the roles they have in their field of operation.

It is particularly biased towards leaders who have demonstrated a great deal of passion, perseverance, and persistence in seeing their goals fruition. According to the academy, Sheldon received the award in recognition of the role he has played in turning OSI Food Industries fortunes around.

Sheldon Lavin and OSI Group

Sheldon joined OSI Group when the meat processing company was at the brink of collapse. It was riddled with numerous management, finance, and operational challenges that affected its bottom line and the achievement of its mission.

He would, however, help formulate survival tactics that got the company back on its feet. More importantly, he helped its founders expound on the company’s vision and change from dominating the local market to emerging as the global meat industry leader.

He has spent the last four decades cultivating this dream and making it a reality. During this time, he has conquered new markets through acquisitions and mergers, set up modern processing facilities all over the world, and established new global supply and consumption partnerships. This dedication and persistence made Sheldon Lavin a favorite for the award.

More about Sheldon

Sheldon Lavin started as a finance expert and an active player in the alternative investment industry. He was contracted by Otto & Sons, the founders of OSI industries, in the early 1970s to help them restructure the company’s finances. Sheldon would take the opportunity to valuable advice and inject capital that led to a partnership with Otto’s Sons before he eventually took over its administration as Chairman and CEO.

In the years that followed Sheldon Lavin turned the once localized meat wholesaler to an international household name. Under Sheldon’s leadership, the food manufacturer has expanded operations to over 17 countries across the globe. Here, it operates 60 processing facilities manned by over 20,000 employees making it one of the largest food processors and distributors.