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OSI Group Partnership with McDonalds

OSI Group is among the world’s largest food supplier that has established operations in 17 countries across the globe. The company has hired more than 20,000 workers who hold various positions in the company. OSI Group is a growing presence in the evolving globalized economy of today. The company has partnered with other quality food brands and among its oldest partner is McDonald’s, which is the largest restaurant chain in the world that has established the fast food business in more than 100 countries. Although McDonald’s is famous for selling fries and burgers it also features variety of product like wraps, milkshakes, desserts and even soft drinks.

At the time when Ray Kroc was opening his OSI Group McDonalds restaurant as an agent, he entered into an agreement with Harry and Arthur, sons of the founder of OSI Group then known as Otto & Sons to be supplying his new business with meat products. Later Kory purchased McDonald’s from the founders, Richard and Maurice McDonald’s, and become the franchise’s CEO. The business kicked off and its partnership with OSI Group McDonalds developed into a long-lasting business relationship.Over the years OSI Group has continued supplying several chains of the McDonald’s with meat products. Initially, the main task for the company was to maintain consistency in all the products it was supplying as demanded by OSI Group McDonalds. Therefore, OSI Group came up with best meat products that could be transported over long distances and retain their quality.

It was also necessary for the company to avail affordable products so that the prices of the burgers in the restaurant could be reasonable.The technological breakthrough of the 1960s brought benefits , according to OSI Group because then they could preserve their meat products without worrying about it going stale. Additionally, they could transport the products longer distances than before to reach the OSI Group McDonalds restaurants that were located in various parts of the country even at a more affordable price.The technological innovation opened other doors for OSI Group to expand the business. Over the years, it has become McDonald core supplier, and in 1973 they collaborated in building McDonald’s a supply chain dealing exclusively with meat patties. The two companies are still partners to date.

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How OSI Group Used Technology to Evolve into a Leading Food Services Provider

The leadership of an organization influences its performance. As such, the objective of a good leader is making sure that the organization has registered excellent performance by attaining its goals in the end. With good leadership, an organization is set to succeed. However, this also depends on many factors including the strategies implemented by the leader. For instance, the path that a team leader chooses in terms of strategies or technology will determine the eventual success of an organization. If there is one company that has successfully showcased its ability to grow through exemplary leadership then OSI Group tops the list.

Background Look

The foundation of OSI Group was laid during the immigrant’s era in America. First launched in the 20th century by one Otto Kolschowsky an immigrant from Germany, the company relied on excellent leadership to supply food to the people of Chicago. While at it, Otto decided to work with his sons. Therefore, the company was known as Otto&Sons. Given the growing demand of meat-based foods in the company, OSI Industries managed to accomplish so much within a few years. For instance, the firm hired a financial manager who could initiate major business projects that supported the development of the portfolio. Moreover, with the help of this manager, the company became a wholesale retailer of meat –based products.

OSI Group works with McDonalds

In 1955, McDonald’s restaurant was launched. Ray Kroc was the man behind the foundation of the company. A few months into the firm’s operation, he decided to contact Otto and initiate a business deal that involved supplying meat to the restaurant. Otto and Sons became a household name in the business. Because Ray Kroc was instrumental in the growth of the company, he decided to purchase McDonald thereby becoming the CEO. Primarily, he would task Otto and Sons with the supply project of meat. That is how OSI gained prominence.

Technology in Business

McDonald was registering impressive performance thanks to Otto and Sons who were in charge of supplying food to the business. Apart from that, there was the aspect of trust that majorly thrived in the two businesses. Therefore, it was easy for them to maintain a business relationship. At the same time, they sought to invest in technology with the aim of food preservation. As such, they settled for flash freezing. For that reason, their business ties grew stronger.


Because Otto and Sons dealt with food supply, food preservation was a major fallback plan that the businesses depended on. Consequently, the firm provided high quality food that garnered them a lot of clients. That explains how the company continued to gain prominence in a developing industry. In 1977, Mr. Kolschowsky decided to extend his business to West Jordan. That marked the onset of global expansion across different states. Until now, OSI has developed into an international food provider in major states including China and Europe. While the management may not be aware of where the company is headed, it is factual that the company has sufficient resources to expand its horizons further.

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Joel Friant’s secret to success

Joel Friant is a renowned businessman, some of the businesses he has been involved in include; home-based companies, real estate industry as well as the creation of products. Joel is also a speaker and a writer. Mr. Friant is known for his passion to see others excel and thus trains people on how to succeed in life and business.

His career journey started in the real estate sector, and as one grows. One is bound to change, this was no different for Joel, around the year 1995 Joel moved to a new venture which he has managed to achieve greatness and create a household name for himself. Joel entered into the restaurant business and was among the first people to introduce a Thai inspired fast food idea in America.

His product Habanero shaker has become a successful product all over the country, Joel explains how he discovered his love for the habanero.

During his time at high school, a friend introduced him to the habanero chile pepper. His passion for the pepper grew, and once he visited Jamaica and tasted other varieties, his love became stronger.

Joel discovered a gap when he noticed that there was no production of habanero shake and this led to the emergence of habanero shake. With his product in the market, more people would enjoy habanero. Joel’s product guarantees quality since it is not mixed with other products and is in its raw form to ensure maximum enjoyment of the habanero chile pepper.

Some of his secrets to becoming the entrepreneur he is today;

One tip that we learn from Joel as a businessman is; always be versatile, this has helped him maximize on good business deals. In 2003, Joel Friant returned into the real estate industry, in his time in the real estate industry Joel sharpened his skills as a salesman and become one of the best salesmen and this helped him open his mortgage lending business.

Joel Friant believes that learning from other people has contributed significantly to his success; it has also helped him get into other businesses. Joel’s other secret to success is avoiding procrastination, always ensure things are done and writing down a to-do list has helped shape him into what he is today.

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