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How EOS Got To The Top

The creators of Chapstick thought that they were going to be on top for all time. Chapstick was the reigning champion when it came to lip balm for over a century. The progression of lip balm over a century was very interesting because in reality, very little had changed. The majority of lip balm companies followed a similar model of Chapstick. Their lip balms were unisex, they were in long cylinder containers, and they had very similar ingredients to Chapstick. This was something that was working for most people, so they saw no need to change.

The makers of EOS blew Chapstick completely out of the water. According to Fast Company, they revolutionized the lip balm industry forever. The makers of EOS wanted their product to be tailored to a woman’s needs. They wanted their product to have the look, smell, and feel that a woman would prefer. EOS asked women all around the United States about what things that they would want in a lip balm. They found that women wanted a lip balm that had organic ingredients, a soft smooth container, an easy to find container, and an overall enjoyable experience.

EOS did lot of different experiments when it came to their lip balms, and they would not stop until they got it right. EOS lip balm made their products come in small round containers, and the containers are soft and smooth to the touch.

EOS also wanted to get their product out on the market with a boom, so they got in contact with many famous beauty bloggers, and they sent these bloggers samples of their product. The bloggers went viral on Facebook with their reviews about EOS. Women were hyped about the quality of the product and also about the affordable price. Now, EOS has become the number one best-selling lip balm, and Chapstick has had to take a backseat to the king.

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