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Madison Street Capital Completes Financing Deal for Latest Client

In 2018, Madison Street Capital closed yet another significant deal with its newest client. During this most recent deal, Madison Street Capital acted as the exclusive financial advisor for a company called MonDak Portables LLC. Madison Street Capital arranged a new deal to finance a new facility which is valued at $3.2 million. MonDak Portables was founded in 2008 and is based in North Dakota. The company specializes in manufacturing and delivering toilets. It also specializes in renting toilets and trailers. Once the deal was completed, North Avenue Capital provided the funding for MonDak to use for its new facility. Charles Botchway of Madison Street Capital and Lester Rodgers were the two executives who led the way in completing the deal with MonDak Portables.


Lester Jay Rodgers of Madison Street Capital said in a recent interview that he enjoyed working with the top executives of MonDak Portables LLC. He said that it was a pleasure to work with executives Kathy, Bard and Ricky in order to help the company raise the needed capital. Rodgers praised the leadership team of MonDak by saying that it is a high class organization that has a lot of potential for future success. It will now be in position to grow at a steady rate in the near future as well. Lester hopes that MonDak Portables reaches their full potential and becomes an even more successful company soon.


Madison Street Capital is a small financial service firm located in the Midwestern United States. The firm specializes in serving mid sized businesses around the world. Over the course of the firm’s history, it has been involved in completing financing deals with companies in multiple continents in the world. Madison Street Capital has a a number of beneficial services that have proven to be effective in helping clients meet their needs. The firm provides financial advice, business valuation, debt financing and also mergers and acquisitions. All of these services are intended to ensure a client’s success in the global marketplace. This firm is very committed to having integrity, providing leadership and also striving for excellence.


Throughout the history of Madison Street Capital, the firm has used its philosophy and expertise to help many businesses reach their goals in terms of raising capital and managing debt. It has therefore built a reputation as being one of the most trusted financial services companies around. During the last few years, Madison Street Capital has won a number of awards for its outstanding service. It was the winner of the Debt Financing of the Year Award back in 2017. An award like this has proven that Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm that is able to provide assistance to clients at the highest level. The firm looks to continue building on its track record of success in the future as well.


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