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Brazilians Have Zeco Auriemo and JHSF to Thank for Being Introduced to Their Favorite Luxury Retail Brands

Property development has always been an industry in which there is a lot of competition and a lot of money up for grabs for a success few. In Brazil, one of those few is named Zeco Auriemo, and he currently leads JHSF in role of its dutiful chief executive officer, refer also to ( He has given new direction to the Sao Paulo company, and he is the number one factor involved in the group’s recent domination of Brazilian luxury property, as well as its ventures abroad.

Abroad, there are some interesting developments to which JHSF and Auriemo can be credited, and one of these is Hotel Fasano, which both locals and tourists alike have praised over in Uruguay. There’s more, though, because even New York is now home to one of their properties! The residence is proudly occupying one of the most desired locations in the entire city: 5th Avenue, which puts the property beside the beautiful and world-famous Central Park.

JHSF has made the majority of its progress in recent years thanks to its role in Brazil’s growing shopping mall market, and none of the group’s properties are as big in that realm as the lovely Cidade Jardim, in which shoppers can have their pick from hundreds of new and interesting stores. Zeco Auriemo is obviously a man who knows his audience well, as he has delivered to them the best of luxury retailer brands with his innovative partnerships says

One of these partnerships is with Rene Caovilla, which sells shoes and comes all the way from Italy. JHSF’s Cidade Jardim was pleased to welcome the footwear giant to Brazil with a wondrous party taking place on Nicaragua Street. The fondly named “Brasil Monaco Project” was truly a great success, as Rene Caovilla intends to continue doing business with Zeco Auriemo for a long time now.

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