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Roseann Bennett: Therapist Turned Entrepreneur Turned Activist


An undoubtedly positive influence in the mental health industry, Roseann Bennett is revered as a revolutionary role model in her domain. Given her extensive experience, Bennett’s sentiments are wholeheartedly valued. When Bennett began as a mental health professional, her services were limited to in-home counseling. Upon expanding her services to outpatient therapy, Bennett stumbled upon one disheartening truth: patients were waiting anywhere from six to nine months to receive treatment. Notably perturbed by this reality, Bennett vowed to initiate much-needed change. As a result, the Center for Assessment and Treatment came to fruition.


The Center for Assessment and Treatment seeks to assist individuals from all walks of life. More specifically, Roseann Bennett strives to aid those who have been marginalized by their community. Fortunately, Bennett’s expertise runs the gamut from marital counseling to individual therapy, enabling her to assist a wide variety of clients.


Roseann Bennett’s approach is natural, and most of her procedures center around healing from the inside out. She’s even started incorporating “Canine-Assisted Therapy” into her sessions. Regarding the future of medicine, Bennett sees telemedicine becoming a growing trend. It’s for this reason why she urges young professionals to get involved in the mental health community.


In the hopes of inspiring collegiate to pursue a career in mental health, Bennett offers a scholarship program designed specifically for aspiring health care professionals. With that said, Bennett is committed to enhancing her domain and evolving alongside it. When she’s not thriving as a counselor, Bennett aims to empower women in the workplace.


In fact, she’s devised solutions to the gender imbalances that are pervasive in the workplace. Given her status as a successful female entrepreneur, Bennett feels strongly about bolstering women and enabling them to thrive. No doubt a forward-thinking businesswoman, Bennett was destined to make it big in her realm. Read This Article for more information.


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Roseann Bennett Has Been Making Improvements To The Mental Health Industry


These days, Roseann Bennett is a well-known figure in the mental health industry and she has been working as a therapist for more than a decade around the state of New Jersey. In 2009, Roseann, alongside her husband, started up the Center for Assessment and Treatment. Over the course of her career, Roseann has been privileged with meeting hundreds of different people from all different backgrounds and cultures, which also goes a long way in helping her future sessions. Roseann Benett has specialized in dealing with families and couples over the years and has done a lot of in-home therapy sessions. In recent years, Roseann has taken to adding animals to her therapy sessions to great effect, which could make an impact on the entire industry around the world in the near future.


Roseann Bennett has a passion for helping others and truly wants to help people through their struggles and lead healthy and happy lives. At the Center for Assessment and Treatment, everyone is welcome, regardless of their current situation. Regardless of an individual’s current status or financial circumstances, they are welcome to be treated at Roseann’s organization. Click Here for more information.


On top of her work as a therapist, Roseann Bennett is currently the President of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. She is also a supervisor for both ACS and AAMFT in New Jersey. With her optimistic attitude and desire to improve the medical health industry, Roseann Bennett has proved herself a worthy holder of her positions, which includes her active participation in her community through various different means. Over the past 9 years since the Center for Assessment and Treatment has opened, thousands of people have come through and been treated to live better lives and there are currently more than a hundred individuals frequenting the institute today.




The Work Of Roseann Bennett

A family therapist and marriage therapist with more than a decade of experience, Roseann Bennett has been impacting the mental health space for quite some time. Bennett has made a name for herself by working and advocating for patients from a variety of backgrounds with a variety of issues. Bennett has an impressive resume that includes starting her own center called the Center for Assessment and Treatment, located in New Jersey.


Recently Roseann Bennett shared some insight into her success. Bennett has gone through a series of stages that have helped her to reach her current status. Bennett is a graduate of Seton Hall University where she earned a Master’s Degree in Psychological Studies. While studying at Seton Hall she earned a specialty in family therapy. Today her practice focuses on young people and families in New Jersey. Some of the counties she focuses on include Warren, Somerset, and Hunterdon counties.


Roseann Bennett’s biggest success is her Center for Treatment. After years of working to heal and treat people, the idea for the center came to Roseann. Roseann had lots of experience working with in-home therapy and she really understood her patient’s needs. Center for Treatment and Assessment focuses on those patient needs. They treat families from all backgrounds specifically those people who are unable to pay for these services.


Roseann Bennett continues to be focus on The Future of Therapy. She hopes to inspire future students by offering various scholarships. She also continues to look carefully at telemedicine and how it can improve current service. Bennett believes in the power and advantages that telemedicine can offer, but also is committed to encouraging people to see their therapist in person. Go Here for more information about Bennett’s one-on-one session with Ideamensch.