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Roseann Bennett: Therapist Turned Entrepreneur Turned Activist


An undoubtedly positive influence in the mental health industry, Roseann Bennett is revered as a revolutionary role model in her domain. Given her extensive experience, Bennett’s sentiments are wholeheartedly valued. When Bennett began as a mental health professional, her services were limited to in-home counseling. Upon expanding her services to outpatient therapy, Bennett stumbled upon one disheartening truth: patients were waiting anywhere from six to nine months to receive treatment. Notably perturbed by this reality, Bennett vowed to initiate much-needed change. As a result, the Center for Assessment and Treatment came to fruition.


The Center for Assessment and Treatment seeks to assist individuals from all walks of life. More specifically, Roseann Bennett strives to aid those who have been marginalized by their community. Fortunately, Bennett’s expertise runs the gamut from marital counseling to individual therapy, enabling her to assist a wide variety of clients.


Roseann Bennett’s approach is natural, and most of her procedures center around healing from the inside out. She’s even started incorporating “Canine-Assisted Therapy” into her sessions. Regarding the future of medicine, Bennett sees telemedicine becoming a growing trend. It’s for this reason why she urges young professionals to get involved in the mental health community.


In the hopes of inspiring collegiate to pursue a career in mental health, Bennett offers a scholarship program designed specifically for aspiring health care professionals. With that said, Bennett is committed to enhancing her domain and evolving alongside it. When she’s not thriving as a counselor, Bennett aims to empower women in the workplace.


In fact, she’s devised solutions to the gender imbalances that are pervasive in the workplace. Given her status as a successful female entrepreneur, Bennett feels strongly about bolstering women and enabling them to thrive. No doubt a forward-thinking businesswoman, Bennett was destined to make it big in her realm. Read This Article for more information.


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Roseann Bennett Has Been Making Improvements To The Mental Health Industry


These days, Roseann Bennett is a well-known figure in the mental health industry and she has been working as a therapist for more than a decade around the state of New Jersey. In 2009, Roseann, alongside her husband, started up the Center for Assessment and Treatment. Over the course of her career, Roseann has been privileged with meeting hundreds of different people from all different backgrounds and cultures, which also goes a long way in helping her future sessions. Roseann Benett has specialized in dealing with families and couples over the years and has done a lot of in-home therapy sessions. In recent years, Roseann has taken to adding animals to her therapy sessions to great effect, which could make an impact on the entire industry around the world in the near future.


Roseann Bennett has a passion for helping others and truly wants to help people through their struggles and lead healthy and happy lives. At the Center for Assessment and Treatment, everyone is welcome, regardless of their current situation. Regardless of an individual’s current status or financial circumstances, they are welcome to be treated at Roseann’s organization. Click Here for more information.


On top of her work as a therapist, Roseann Bennett is currently the President of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. She is also a supervisor for both ACS and AAMFT in New Jersey. With her optimistic attitude and desire to improve the medical health industry, Roseann Bennett has proved herself a worthy holder of her positions, which includes her active participation in her community through various different means. Over the past 9 years since the Center for Assessment and Treatment has opened, thousands of people have come through and been treated to live better lives and there are currently more than a hundred individuals frequenting the institute today.




Dick Devos: Businessman and Philanthropist

Dick DeVos may be Grand Rapids, Michigan’s most enthusiastic booster. After all, Mr. DeVos was born in Grand Rapids, and he attended public school in the nearby suburb of Forest Hills. He met his wife Betsy when she was a student at Calvin College, which is a liberal arts college that’s associated with the Christian Reformed Church and is located in Grand Rapids.


Dick DeVos’s affection for Grand Rapids is more than just a sentimental indulgence, however. Like every successful entrepreneur, Dick DeVos is a pragmatist, and he has correctly identified the city’s potential for dynamic business growth. That’s one of the reasons why in the early 1990s, when a plan was floated to build a sports arena and business complex far away from Grand Rapids’ downtown, Dick DeVos vehemently opposed it. Why not invest energy and money into revitalizing Grand Rapids’ downtown, he asked? This question was the genesis of the Grand Action Committee, which has grown into a nonprofit organization known today as Grand Action.


A Revitalized Grand Rapids


Fast-forward nearly 30 years, and Grand Rapids sports an impressive skyline, thanks—in no small part—to the efforts of Dick DeVos. The Van Andel Arena is home to the American Hockey League’s Grand Rapids Griffins as well as a popular location for concerts. The DeVos Place Convention Center is a combination business meeting venue and another spot where Michiganders can enjoy live entertainment; it is connected to the Van Andel Arena by an attractive skyway that’s known as the Grand River Promenade.


Dick DeVos: A Business Visionary


While Dick DeVos may be less well known than his wife Betsy, whose zeal for educational choice helped propel her into a role as U.S. Secretary of Education, he is no less committed to constructive change. He’s presently CEO of a holding company called the Windquest Group. The Windquest Group is based in Grand Rapids, of course.


The Dick & Betsy DeVos Foundation, which Dick DeVos helps helm, donated a staggering $139 million to various groups and organizations between 1989 and 2015. The beneficiaries of the DeVos Foundation’s largesse included art and cultural initiatives, churches, educational programs and programs that support the development of leadership skills. In 2006, Dick and Betsy DeVos also contributed nearly $13 million toward the construction of a local pediatric hospital so that Grand Rapids’ children would not have to travel all the way to Chicago or Ann Arbor should they fall ill.


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Stream Energy Demonstrates Its Dedication To Supporting The Community

Stream Energy is an energy company headquartered in Dallas, Texas that provides wireless, energy, protective and home services. Its one of the top connected life and direct selling firms in the United States. It was founded in 2005 and currently operates in several states including Texas, Illinois, Washington D.C., Ohio and New York. Stream is devoted to giving back to the society through its charitable division called Stream Cares. The company was featured on Patch for its tireless efforts of assisting the needy in the community and supporting local charities.

Stream Energy has been providing relief services to victims of calamities such as hurricanes for years. In the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in Houston, the company used its profits to fund the rebuilding and recovery efforts. In 2016, Stream was among the first respondents to give donations to victims of the Texas Tornado who had lost their businesses and homes.

The organization has developed deep committed relationships with non-profit organizations like Red Cross and Habitat for humanity which it donates generously towards. Stream Energy also collaborates with Hope Supply Co to support the homeless people in Dallas. They hold an annual event for homeless children at a local water park and even donate money and supplies towards homeless families.

Stream Energy participated in a charity project called Operation Once in a Lifetime through which they offered financial and moral support to underprivileged military veterans living in Dallas and their families. Stream paid for a special lunch in a Texas restaurant for the veterans and their families and also covered their transport costs to the restaurant. The firm also co-hosted an event called the American Girl Doll Experience for ten girls whose parents were members of the military the next day.

American businesses are increasingly noticing the need for corporate social responsibility especially philanthropy. Statistics show that in 2016, businesses donated more than $18 billion to local and international charities. Stream Energy’s event manager Kimberly Girard points out that the firm is fond of touching lives in the community. The company is a role model when it comes to helping the less fortunate.

Differences between Civil and Human Rights and Why Fight for Them

Civil rights are essential to the Democracy that is the core of the political system of the U.S. They are crucial for the respect of citizens and law enforcers have to know the civil rights by heart to make decisions when justifying or condemning events that happen every day in the world.

Aggression towards a citizen’s civil rights is an aggression towards law and a violation of the core heart of the democracy, but sadly it happens more than you would think.

Sometimes, with an aggression that is left unpunished, a community arises with the understanding that there is no punishment towards offending people from another origin, another skin-color, another sexual orientation or even fights between communities. It is crucial that the sense of punishment and order exists so offenders are not born from citizens that thought it is okay to offend physically or emotionally religions and cultures. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

The Civil rights are a conglomerate of a very broad set of laws. It is constantly being expanded and revised, and the core value of the civil rights laws are to condemn unfair treatment between citizens and to treat everyone equal.

Whenever civil rights are disrespected, there are institutions and organizations created to protect communities from legal abuse or aggression, and some of these groups that advocate for civil and human rights have changed the lives of countless communities, even in the territory of the U.S.

This set of laws and rules began with the “Civil Rights Movement,” but what is, then, the difference between civil rights and human rights? Are they the same thing?

They are not, there is a difference between both set of rights, but they are fundamentally essential for the order and the good relationship between citizens of the same group or different nations. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

Human rights arise from simply being a human. If you are a human being, you have the rights that were written in the set of laws of the human rights. These include the right to life, education, and, one of the most controversial topics: freedom of speech and expression. Fair trial is also a right contained in the human rights set, not the civil rights set, contrary to popular belief.

Both set of laws are equally ignored by some communities on a daily basis. Whenever a man strikes a woman or a citizen condemns the cultural beliefs and origin of another, it is a direct assault on these core rights of every citizen.

That is why there are organizations like the Frontera Fund, created by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, two journalists and business owners who worked in the

The Frontera Fund was created to use a settlement money of more than three million dollars to fund institutions that advocate for civil, human and migrants’ rights.

As much as there are organizations that exist to help communities in need, these groups also have a hard time finding funding and support, which is why the existence of the Frontera Fund is crucial to the survival of these groups.

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Dick DeVos Participation in Charitable Giving

Dick DeVos and his wife are some of the most celebrated couples in the United States. The two have always been receiving a lot of criticism and attention over the years. The couple has funded American politics for years too, but this is just pocket change when compared to the charitable donations from the wealthy family. This family is believed to have donated more than 140 million dollars to various charitable causes in their lifetime.


Betsy DeVos recently appointed to assume the position of Education Secretary in the country. Before she was confirmed to the prestigious position, the couple’s contributions to various Republican causes were questioned by political experts. According to some recent reports, the DeVos are believed to have given a lot of donations through their organization.


In 2015, the wealthy and respected Michigan couple decided to spend over 11 million dollars in important charitable causes in the US. According to a recently published report by the family foundation, the couple has donated millions in the past five years.


Dick DeVos and his wife come from one of the most respected and wealthy dynasties in the United States. The DeVos are considered to be one of the greatest donors to the Republican Party over the past years. This is because of the money they give to the party during political campaigns. The family is led by Richard DeVos, popularly known as Rick. Richard is the founder of a respected company known as Amway. He has four children, and most of them have done very well in their careers. Richard too has played a crucial role in philanthropy over the years. In the year 2015, he gave 100 million dollars to several charities. His enormous contributions in the US were recognized by Forbes recently. According to Forbes, the DeVos are among the wealthiest and top givers in the world.


Forbes Magazine is believed to have used the data supplied by the wealthy family when making the announcement. According to the data, the DeVos Family lifetime donations were more than one and half billion dollars. The donations from Betsy and her husband have been channeled to educational causes most of the time.


Dick DeVos has also done exceptionally well in business. The successful entrepreneur is believed to have spent most of his career life working in the family businesses. At one time, he used to work for Amway, Orlando Magic, the great Windquest Group and other prestigious companies. While working in these institutions, the businessman was very successful, increasing the profits and sales significantly. His success in Amway earned the wealthy billionaire a lot of respect in the country. At one time, he ran for the gubernatorial seat in West Michigan. However, he lost the race.

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