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Sheldon Lavin Leads OSI Group To Sustainable Future, Growth

Sheldon Lavin was a Chicago-area banker and financial consultant in the 1970s when he was approached by a local meat processing company. It had ambitious plans for expansion and growth.

The company was OSI Group, formerly Otto & Sons, the privately-owned meat processing operation which had gained a sterling reputation as most valued supplier of fresh hamburger patties for McDonald’s restaurants.

The relationship between OSI and McDonald’s had been forged with a handshake agreement in the 1950s. The deal had been an extremely successful joint venture ever since. As McDonald’s experienced phenomenal growth, OSI came along for the ride and saw its own business expand enormously.

Sheldon Lavin was brought in to consult on financing to fuel growth. It proved a match made in heaven. The relationship between OSI Group and Mr. Lavin went so well, he eventually became a partner. Before long, Lavin was named CEO, a position he still holds today. That makes Sheldon Lavin one of the longest serving CEO of a major company in America today.

Under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin, OSI Group has expanded to command an international presence. The company operates 70 facilities in 17 countries. It employs more than 20,000 people. Forbes reports that OSI brings in north of $6 billion annually. Forbes also places OSI at No. 58 on its list of largest privately-owned American companies.

Central to Lavin’s operational philosophy is the concept of sustainable operation and extreme attention to environmental management. OSI is widely recognized by industry observers to be among the most innovative and successful world-class food processors in terms of sustainability. The long-term goal of OSI is to become a “zero carbon footprint” company.

To that end, OSI facilities around the world have been leaning heavily on green sources of energy, such as solar power and wind-generated electricity. It has also made great advances in refrigeration techniques, made massive strides in waste reduction strategies and has drastically reduced its use of freshwater resources.

Safety and a positive and healthy work environment for employees is also a hallmark attribute of OSI Group.

Sahm Adrangi Negative Report on Queenstreet

Kerrisdale capital is an investment manager that is based in New York. It was founded by Sahm Adrangi in 2009. The firm manages $300 million of investments. It’s founder Mr. Sahm Adrangi holds a bachelor of Ats in economics that he studied at the university of Yale. Before he started kerrisdale capital, he had worked with Longacare as an investment analyst. He had also worked at the bankruptcy restricting group at chanin capital partners where he always advised creditors.

Kerrisdale is basically an investment manager firm that is focused In long term investments. In April 2018, kerrisdale founder Adrangi published a negative report against the queenstreet. Queenstreet is an internet marketing company, recently the company has quadrupled its stock and its investors were now happy that the company is now taking on a better direction. In the report, Adrangi pointed out that the stock growth entirely came from a single customer.

The revenue of this customer however is flattening and that shows that Queenstreet Company will once again have a very slow growth. In addition to that, kerrisdale capital also pointed out that the queenstreet affiliated sites largely profit from suspicious web trafficking. The kerrisdale also went ahead and did their research and concluded that the company’s site gets its traffic from a largely defunct site known as insurance branch

This site had recruited users to click on the advertiser-sponsored links in order to earn an online currency known as swagbacks. Sahm Adrangi also states that the queenstreet company relies on unreliable and outdated technology. Kerrisdale capital did not stop at that, they also stated that queenstreet had violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). There were multiple website visitors of queenstreet website visitors that sued the company of contacting them via auto-dialer of which customers never agreed to.

Sahm Adrangi also helps interviews with some of the queenstreet workers and according to them the company was dealing with a lot of shady connections. The connections according to one worker suggested that they were somehow unethical to their clients. The weak technology for instance, are old despite the fact that the company has been in online business for quite some time.

In the report, Sahm Adrangi concludes that though the company still relies on shady third party affiliate sites they will face fresh scrutiny in the future.

The Success of Marc Sparks

World-renowned entrepreneur, Marc Sparks, was raised in Austin, Texas, where he graduated from high school in 1975. He skipped college altogether and immediately began his incredibly successful careers. But along the way there have been failures which he used as learning experiences. Since the beginning of his entrepreneurship, he has been the principal in many startups. He has used the few experiences that have not been so successful, to show him how to reach great success. His experiences and his talks about them caused his colleagues to encourage him to write a book about it. Learn more:


So he did. The book that resulted is entitled “They Can’t Eat You” in which he talks about these failed endeavors and what he learned by these failures. These failures include his building billion-dollar companies and then making mistakes that instigated his losing it all. He designed this book specifically for young entrepreneurs who are in the exact same position he was in and need advice about how to succeed in their endeavors. By learning from these failures, he has attained great success many a time. Today his primary base company, Timber Creek Capital, manages his currently most valued companies.


He is known as an entrepreneur that takes risks that most would never consider because they don’t see it as a possibility. But time and time again, Sparks has shown that these wild risks are not only possible, they are the best option for success. As busy a man as he is, he is always willing to talk things through with an employee. Sparks also plays a big role in charitable works, specifically in projects that assist the homeless. To this end he finances The Samaritan Inn, a homeless shelter in Texas. This shelter does more than just house them.


Its program includes counseling, financial education, job placement, family services, and health programs. It is so successful and so popular that ever week they are forced to turn away 75 people who want in the program. But this is not his only charitable work. He is also active in Habitat for Humanity, Sparky’s Kids Foundation, and America Can! This is a years-long labor of love, having been active in the work of The Samaritan Inn since the late 80s. Learning from his past, Sparks is very happy with his present, and extremely optimistic about the future. Sparks is also a very active outdoors guy. He often hunts, fishes, hikes, bikes, golfs, works out, and travels to exotic destinations all over the world. Learn more: