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Alex Hern’s thoughts on child protection

Alex Hern is a technology editor for the Guardian. In a recent article for the Guardian Alex Hern talks about why the UK’s government is taking over social networks to ensure child safety. All the stakeholders agree that it is necessary to ensure child safety, but this has caused a conflict with social media networks insisting that it is not fair to expect perfection from them.

On the other hand, the government continues to threaten the social media networks that if they do not collaborate in this, then the government will have to redefine their roles. These debates come after the suicide of Molly Russell. According to Alex Hern, Molly was depressed and had frequently searched for anxiety, suicide and depression content on Instagram.

Alex Hern says that Instagram’s new founder announced a new feature in their app. The feature is a sensitivity screen that will hide any images of self-harm from young people. This is in an attempt to protect young people who use the app who may be mental health issues. The feature works by making the self-harm images blurred until the viewer clearly states they want to view the image.

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Serge Belamant sensational career in information and technology

Serge Belamant was once considered Steve Jobs and Bill Gates of South Africa. It was due to his outstanding contribution to the development of blockchain technologies. His innovations have over the years formed the backbone of inventions in the finance sector.

Serge Belamant’s achievements

Since the implementation of the initial blockchain technologies, numerous cryptocurrencies have been created. His creative innovation was realized using smart cards are designed to develop independent transactions ledgers. Serge Belamant technologies have become instrumental in various organizations such as governments, banks as well as private individuals. All these entities can now process cash deposits and withdrawals through a secure platform.

About Serge Belamant

About Serge Belamant is a Frenchman whose family moved to South Africa while he was a teenager. During his family transition to Africa, he had already learned English and was enrolled to school upon arrival to Johannesburg. During his early years in school, he participated in numerous activities such as athletics. He was a brilliant student who was appointed head prefect of his class. Serge Belamant participated in various sports such as chess and at some point made it to the African Chess School Championships. Upon completing high school education, he enrolled at the Witwatersrand University to study engineering. He later switched his main course and majored in computer science and mathematics. Then, he joined the University of South Africa and pursued a course in information systems.

He got his first job at Matrix at a young age and was posted to BKSH division. During his tenure with this company, he developed apps that were instrumental in the analysis of water levels in dams. When his first project succeeded, he set out to build computer models with organizations such as the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). His immense skills in technology and computing contributed to breakthroughs in problems of digital mapping, statistics, and graphics interphases. For years, he continued to amaze people with his innovativeness and passion for development. Serge received offers to work with various companies but chose to work for RSA Computer Society. He later joined SASWITCH and became the director of IT. While working for this company, helped them solve numerous problems making the company one of the best performing firms at the time.


Hussain Sajwani, the founder of DMAC properties states Dubai’s turmoil to be positive

Hussain Sajwani, the chairman of Middle Eastern DAMAC properties states the turmoil in Dubai has proved to be very beneficial for the economy. He says that Dubai’s turmoil has actually been positive and it can be confirmed form the Global Smart City Performance index ranked Dubai on the 6th position. Hussain shared examples of leading countries such as Iraq and Kuwait saying that people often find safety in Dubai when disturbances hit their countries. The disturbances in both Iraq and Somalia led to a positive impact in Dubai as the 70,000 immigrants from Iraq and 35,000 from Somalia contributed to the economic growth by running various import/export activities and taking part in the in national and international activities.

Insights on Hussain and his DMAC properties

In 2018, Mr. Sajwani was ranked as the fifth richest person in the world according to the Forbes. He is known to be the most extravagant business tycoon in whole the Gulf region as well all across the world. Starting from a small catering firm in 1982 to founding DMAC properties in 2002, Hussain has taken the real estate empire by the storm which, in 1992, was listed only as DMAC group. The firm is known as the first Middle Eastern company that got mentioned on the London Stock Exchange in 2015 and was also listed on the Dubai financial market in 2015.

How Dubai is becoming the most advanced country in the world

Dubai has strong ties with other middles eastern, especially the oil-producing countries. Being one of the most advanced countries and an attraction to million dollar investments every year, Dubai has taken several initiatives to make better use of technology and turn its markets into a hub of investment. It plans to create an airport with a passport-free system and has established the cryptocurrency. Currently, Dubai is aiming to expand its operations and collaborate with different countries to strengthen its ties and tap into better opportunities while becoming a competition to New York and Hong Kong markets. The opening of Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) has given Dubai another edge in the international market.

Alex Hern: Staying Above the competition

Who doesn’t love a application that can allow you to view a home or car without ever leaving your living room? XR technology and companies like Tsunami XR are taking on this challenge and winning. They have cleverly emerged themselves in the market to be a front runner of various companies attempting to do the same thing. CEO and co-founder Alex Hern understands that there is natural appeal to XR and everyone wants it. Augmented and virtual reality has taken consumers by storm and businesses are lining up to give them what they want. Most don’t realize that XR technology is mainly or was mostly used by Gamers.

They make up a huge chunk of the user base which is now expanding out to big corporations looking to cash in. Hern and his business associates have relied on creating what’s called Tsunami Workplaces and Studios. It’s a mixture of helping companies communication in ways they could have never imagined years ago. Instead of putting an entire team on a plane to discuss business, these workplaces offer connectivity from their own central offices. In addition to that, Tsunami studios offers an excellent business tool of 3D animation, simulation and rendering.

As XR reaches the Health Sciences it will reveal many new exciting discoveries within the medical field. Hern’s company is also working with large energy corporations. They have assisted many employees with pneumatic drill components by utilizing what is called Microsoft Hololens HMD. When using the Tsunami 3D and VR modeling solutions, the entire journey can take roughly 15 minutes. Tsunami also leads in the XR SaaS world. The XR technology is popping up on various platforms. Hern knew this early on as he was very keen on looking at the transformation of CPU to GPU computing in the last few years.

Shervin Pishevar And His 21-Hour Tweet Storm

Shervin Pishevar has long been a man of many elaborate words. Although he had to resign from Uber because of some highly public personal issues, he still has retained a heavy presence on Twitter. Last February, he literally went on a tweet storm binge: 50 messages, spread out over 21 hours, discussing everything from his predictions for the American economy, bonds, Bitcoin, immigration, and even SpaceX among many others. Here is just a sampling of some of the things he said:

Shervin Pishevar doesn’t hold out much hope for the US economy.

In particular, Shervin Pishevar believed that the markets would suffer a 6000 point drop in the coming months. Along the same lines, Pishevar also believes that bonds would drop considerably, because according to him, “the genie is out of the bottle.”

Pishevar almost noted his beliefs that the Bitcoin crash wasn’t necessarily over yet.

Pishevar’s tweet storm also touched on the rise and fall of Bitcoin. He said he felt they’re crash wasn’t over with yet; he predicted that gold would rise and Bitcoin when go two around 2000 and price and then go up.

He also noted that Silicon Valley in California is losing more and more influence all the time.

Shervin Pishevar noted how he no longer believes that this innovation present in the state of California is beholden to a physical place. He feels that innovation can take many different forms. Of course, as an early investor in Uber, he would be well aware of some of the out-of-the-box thinking that is needed to be a successful startup in today’s economy. Along the same lines, Shervin Pishevar also noted the immense success of Elon Musk, currently of SpaceX fame. He feels that the United States will have to continue to adapt to be able to compete in the 21st century. Although he sees some progress in that regard, he feels more needs to be done.


Naturally, some were questioning this tweet storm by Pishevar. However, it is his insight and out of the box thinking that has always spawned the best companies. Judging from his personal experience, it will always remain that way.

Bob Reina: He’s Not A Quitter

If there is one thing that Bob Reina prides himself on, it is the fact he is not a quitter. That is the one thing that stands out above everything else in his career both in law enforcement and also as the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion. It’s hard to believe the company has been around for over a decade, but when looking at the man in charge, the IT team, and all they do, it is not a big surprise. When the right people are in charge with the right can-do attitude, it all starts to add up and make a lot of sense as to why Bob Reina and the company are so popular and so successful.


Sadly, the world has made it all too easy to quit. Bob Reina, on the other hand, wants to encourage people to not be like everyone else out there. If there is something out there that someone is passionate about, they are going to feel even more passionate about it when they see the response from an audience that is looking at what they are doing. They also become a lot more passionate when they see it has turned into a profit for them. Even though money is not the sole reason they are doing it, it is an added bonus.


He knows they are special and they are not like other people out there. They want to make their business a business that is talked about all over the Internet. They know they have a great idea, and they want this great idea to really flourish and really blossom. They need Talk Fusion for that to happen. They have the right ingredients to make it all come together for them and really help them in a ton of ways. It is why Talk Fusion is used so much by so many companies out there.


The message is still clear, however, and that is not to quit and to keep going ahead with the company. People need to be realistic when they use Talk Fusion. They will see results and they will see growth, but it is not going to happen overnight. However, little by little, piece-by-piece, they will see the company in a whole new light.


The same can be said for the customers as well. They will start to come in and be interested in the company. Thanks to the technology that was mentioned, they will be able to see the company and they will be able to know everything there is to know about the company. It is all about getting the right exposure and getting the company in the right hands and seen through the right eyes. Learn more:


Once that occurs, the sky is the limit for the company and the individual as well.