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Jeff Herman’s Fight Against Sexual Abuse

Jeff Herman is an American advocate who deals exclusively with cases of sexual abuse .He owns the Herman Law, located in Boca Raton in the city of New York. Herman Law exposes the sexual predators and brings justice to the sexual victims. He graduated from Case Western Reserve University School of law.


Jeff Herman says that children are the most vulnerable to sexual abuse because they are weak and naïve. When a child is abused, two things might happen:

  • The child might fail to speak it out due to fear of being jilted or accused for carelessness.
  • He/she might not even realize that she has been abused therefore allows the abuse to continue.


Jeff Herman admits that it is impossible for parents to be with their children throughout in order to prevent abuse. However, they can equip their children with skills that will enable them escape abuse.


Jeff shared some Tips on How to Protect Your Kids Against Sexual Abuse:

  • Parents should teach them how to keep body boundaries when they are still young.
  • Make it a habit to talk to children about sexual abuse.
  • Emphasize on the importance of keeping safe by giving examples on cases of sexual abuse.
  • Let your children understand that they have the right to say no to anyone who makes sexual advances to them
  • Keep a close relationship with your children, this make them to be free with you and tell when they fear abuse.
  • Parents should be a little nosy when it comes to their children’s online interactions.
  • Parents should let their children understand that not everyone who is friendly is genuine some have bad intensions.


Signs of abuse of sexual abuse

In most occurrences sexual abuse, Jeff Herman says that the victims fail to speak it out making it difficult to expose the abusers, however be sure to observe the following when one is sexual abused.

  • Depression or anger.
  • Body injuries.
  • Development of behaviors that they had earlier outgrown such as shyness or bed wetting.
  • Sudden fear development or paranoia.
  • Drastic behaviors for instance weeping for no reason.
  • Behavioral changes such as acting out sexually.


For us to counter sexual abuse, we must be ready to report any cases of abuse without fear, this is an obligation of both the abused, the guardian and other community members in general. Read This Article for additional information.