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Securus Technologies and the Changing Pace of Prison Technology

Prison technology and investigation solution industry were considered to be lacking technology innovation and customer experience for long. But, that notion about the industry is changing rapidly in the recent decades, and now, all the players in the sector are forced to grab innovation and customer-centric solutions. I can confirm that it is due to the innovation efforts and service standards set by Securus Technologies, a prominent prison technology and enforcement services firm based in Texas. Since the company founded in 1986, the industry changed forever and quality service is the only option for the players to survive.


Securus Technologies has more than 2,500 correctional facilities in North America. I am much impressed by efforts of Securus in technology advancement as it spent at least $600 million from 2013 to 16 for research, acquisition, and patents – targeting technology. It gave a significant advantage to the firm over its rivals in the market. Per the latest reports, the company serves more than 1 million people across the North American countries. Securus is also credited with bringing personalized experience in solutions and customer service. Previously, the customer service and customer engagement were not considered to be a performance matrix for prison technology firms. But, Securus changed that with superior experience to inmates and their families.


Interestingly, the enforcement solutions, including public safety, corrections, investigation, and monitoring, of the firm are also created significant impacts in the sector. Most correctional centers have expressed their happiness in using the product solutions offered by Securus Technologies, and many of them wrote letters to the prison technology firm detailing how its solutions helped them. By the end of 2016, the leadership of Securus published some of those letters by removing the identity of those. Most of those letters were either praising its monitoring solutions, security solutions inside the prison, investigative tools, data analysis, and more.