Madison Street Capital Completes Financing Deal for Latest Client

In 2018, Madison Street Capital closed yet another significant deal with its newest client. During this most recent deal, Madison Street Capital acted as the exclusive financial advisor for a company called MonDak Portables LLC. Madison Street Capital arranged a new deal to finance a new facility which is valued at $3.2 million. MonDak Portables was founded in 2008 and is based in North Dakota. The company specializes in manufacturing and delivering toilets. It also specializes in renting toilets and trailers. Once the deal was completed, North Avenue Capital provided the funding for MonDak to use for its new facility. Charles Botchway of Madison Street Capital and Lester Rodgers were the two executives who led the way in completing the deal with MonDak Portables.


Lester Jay Rodgers of Madison Street Capital said in a recent interview that he enjoyed working with the top executives of MonDak Portables LLC. He said that it was a pleasure to work with executives Kathy, Bard and Ricky in order to help the company raise the needed capital. Rodgers praised the leadership team of MonDak by saying that it is a high class organization that has a lot of potential for future success. It will now be in position to grow at a steady rate in the near future as well. Lester hopes that MonDak Portables reaches their full potential and becomes an even more successful company soon.


Madison Street Capital is a small financial service firm located in the Midwestern United States. The firm specializes in serving mid sized businesses around the world. Over the course of the firm’s history, it has been involved in completing financing deals with companies in multiple continents in the world. Madison Street Capital has a a number of beneficial services that have proven to be effective in helping clients meet their needs. The firm provides financial advice, business valuation, debt financing and also mergers and acquisitions. All of these services are intended to ensure a client’s success in the global marketplace. This firm is very committed to having integrity, providing leadership and also striving for excellence.


Throughout the history of Madison Street Capital, the firm has used its philosophy and expertise to help many businesses reach their goals in terms of raising capital and managing debt. It has therefore built a reputation as being one of the most trusted financial services companies around. During the last few years, Madison Street Capital has won a number of awards for its outstanding service. It was the winner of the Debt Financing of the Year Award back in 2017. An award like this has proven that Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm that is able to provide assistance to clients at the highest level. The firm looks to continue building on its track record of success in the future as well.


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Brazilians Have Zeco Auriemo and JHSF to Thank for Being Introduced to Their Favorite Luxury Retail Brands

Property development has always been an industry in which there is a lot of competition and a lot of money up for grabs for a success few. In Brazil, one of those few is named Zeco Auriemo, and he currently leads JHSF in role of its dutiful chief executive officer, refer also to ( He has given new direction to the Sao Paulo company, and he is the number one factor involved in the group’s recent domination of Brazilian luxury property, as well as its ventures abroad.

Abroad, there are some interesting developments to which JHSF and Auriemo can be credited, and one of these is Hotel Fasano, which both locals and tourists alike have praised over in Uruguay. There’s more, though, because even New York is now home to one of their properties! The residence is proudly occupying one of the most desired locations in the entire city: 5th Avenue, which puts the property beside the beautiful and world-famous Central Park.

JHSF has made the majority of its progress in recent years thanks to its role in Brazil’s growing shopping mall market, and none of the group’s properties are as big in that realm as the lovely Cidade Jardim, in which shoppers can have their pick from hundreds of new and interesting stores. Zeco Auriemo is obviously a man who knows his audience well, as he has delivered to them the best of luxury retailer brands with his innovative partnerships says

One of these partnerships is with Rene Caovilla, which sells shoes and comes all the way from Italy. JHSF’s Cidade Jardim was pleased to welcome the footwear giant to Brazil with a wondrous party taking place on Nicaragua Street. The fondly named “Brasil Monaco Project” was truly a great success, as Rene Caovilla intends to continue doing business with Zeco Auriemo for a long time now.

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Ryan Seacrest: A Purpose Driven Entertainer

Ryan Seacrest, the purpose driven entertainer

Is Ryan Seacrest a workaholic or an entertainer driven with purpose. Does Ryan Seacrest ever show signs of pause. (1) Ryan, a native of the Georgian sun, along with thousands of other enthusiastic celebrators, brave the cold New York City weather on New Year’s Eve. Ryan co-host the traditional countdown, ‘Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve’, from Times Square. (2) Auld Lang Syne, a Scottish Lyric, no one knows the words to, is belted loud and clear for the past 13 years, with Ryan Seacrest at the helm from 2006 until the present.

But wait, Ryan Seacrest, sporting a diverse range of talents as television host, radio personality, and producer makes a significant impact in the industry. Unapologetically, Ryan Seacrest, endowed with many witty ideas, demonstrate hit star power as master of ceremony in American Idol. So much of ‘American Idol’s’ tremendous success can be attributed to Ryan, whose larger-than-life persona has made him a true guru of his profession.

Great days starts here… Alive with Kelly and Ryan, a 60-minute syndicated talk show produced in New York City.

Wake up to coffee, a shower and Ryan Seacrest,On Air with Ryan Seacrest, on Los Angeles Top 40 station 102.7 KIIS-FM. Ryan’s creative entrepreneurship is none the worst for the wear, as his Menswear, Ryan Seacrest distinction, hit the 15-million-dollar mark in retail stores in 2018.

Born son of a lawyer and a homemaker help balance Ryan’s A personality with his philanthropic side. Ryan Seacrest Foundation, the nonprofit 501(c)3 organization’s mission is dedicated to inspiring today’s youth through entertainment and education focused initiatives. Uniquely Ryan, sophisticated and successful yet caring and giving, serves as the epitome of a business Mogul that transcends celebrity expectations. His love for entertainment, clearly shows, as his viewership has grown approximately 3 million people per day.

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Food Production of the OSI Industries Group

If you own a food-related company that deals with customers on a regular basis, you know that you need to put the time and effort into finding high-quality products that are inexpensive and can fit into your budget. This is why so many business owners have chosen OSI Industries for themselves. The company is well-known for their work on an international basis, helping customers thrive all over the world. They recently acquired the Tyson food plant, which has allowed them to effortlessly expand their chicken production as well as its capacity. This is giving back to businesses in need of good chicken products at affordable pricing.

Besides having the Tyson food plant available to them, OSI Industries has purchased both Flagship Europe as well as Baho Foods. The company also won the 2016 Globe of Honour by the British Safety Council thanks to the work that they have done within quality control and customer standards. For more information on the company, you can visit their website and check out why they are one of America’s top 100 food companies around. This is also why a lot of people have made use of the company since their inception several decades ago and it is a reason to consider trying them for yourself. To know more about the company click here.

In order to find out more about the company and what they offer, you can visit the OSI Industries site and see how easy it is to make your own account as a customer. OSI Industries is there to help you when it comes to getting the specific food items and products that you need. This is essential for growing your business to what you want to see and to provide high-quality options for your customers. Because this company is able to work with business owners of all kinds, you can feel confident making use of them and knowing that you have chosen them for this specific need. Once this is done, you are going to want to make use of their company and know that you are choosing an option that is going to work for your own business.

Cash in that Freedom Check

Don’t you just wish that one fine day you stumble across a pot of gold, or maybe hit the jackpot with a lottery ticket, or even get a huge inheritance from a long lost relative? The possibilities are endless and, quite frankly, very enticing. So what happens when you see an ad professing you could get as much as $114,287 by simply signing in? You obviously rush to do exactly what it tells you, because who doesn’t want free money. That is exactly how Freedom Checks has been advertised, free money ready to be cashed in by you. The brainchild of Matt Badiali, Freedom Checks are much more complex than free money. Signing up for a Freedom Check is signing you up for investment. We all instinctively know that there is no free lunch and the same is true for Freedom Checks.

To claim your share of the promised amount, like $27.5 million in the very first month, customers must first invest a certain amount of money. The profit in return will reflect the initial investment, meaning the higher the amount invested, the higher the payback. Again this is all very much in keeping with all our understanding of finance. Jumping into conclusions with regards to the idea of Freedom Checks is not very sound. It must be recognized for what it is, a private investment opportunity. The name does make it seem like it might be a government sanctioned program, or related to a part of the government, like Medicaid or the 401K, but far from it.

These investments are for the long run and require initial deposits before you could ever see any gain from them. Essentially the investment from Freedom Checks goes towards Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs). These are partnerships that are traded publically and since they are technically partnerships they able to avoid paying federal taxes so long as they pass the profits onto their shareholders. So these tax-free, high yielding investments are quite attractive, but they are not free, because they need a principal amount being invested, and secondly because such firms distribute most of their profits (to avoid federal taxes). This might sound nice but it also limits a firm’s ability to grow as reinvestment is only through additional shareholders and not through income reinvested.

Paul Mampilly: From Rural India to Wall Street

Former Wall Street investor, Paul Mampilly made his fortune managing the portfolios of the world’s elite, but today, heavily into his new career, he uses the same business acumen to advise the everyday American investor. Since joining Banyan Hill Publishing, Paul Mampilly has garnered a significant audience by contributing to several flourishing newsletters, including, Profits Unlimited, True Momentum, and Extreme Fortunes. Since transitioning from Wall Street, Mr. Mampilly has broadened his audience, while also allotting himself the time to enjoy family life. Although he is no longer active in America’s most influential financial district, he doesn’t consider himself retired, as he still regularly invests.

Paul Mampilly was born in rural India but relocated with his family to Dubai in 1974 amidst a monumental financial shift for the nation – the discovery of oil beneath the land. While his father’s decision to move to Dubai was initially frowned upon by his peers, it paid dividends, as he was afforded a myriad of opportunities that had alluded his parents. In 1986, Paul Mampilly enrolled in Montclair State University, garnering a bachelor’s degree in business administration, and he later attended Fordham University’s Gabelli School of Business, earning a master of business administration degree.

Soon after leaving Montclair State University, Paul Mampilly shifted his focus to Wall Street, working for a number of financial institutions, including Bankers Trust, which was later acquired by Deutsche Bank, ING, and Kinetics Asset Management. During his time with Bankers Trust and Deutsche Bank, he worked primarily as a portfolio manager and research analyst, later becoming a senior research analyst with ING. Over time, Mr. Mampilly built a stellar reputation, which caught the attention of Kinetics Asset Management, and he soon joined forces with the $6 billion hedge fund as a manager. During his tenure, Kinetics asset management grew exponentially, earning a 43 percent return rate that resulting in the hedge fund reaching $25 billion in assets. Today, as an independent investor, and senior editor with Banyan Hill Publishing, Mr. Mampilly continues his staunch research habits, dedicating upwards of 12 hours each day researching promising investment opportunities.

Rebel Wilson Features in “Isn’t It Romantic”, Upcoming Movie, as Natalie

“Isn’t It Romantic” movie is set to come out next year’s Valentine’s Day. Its trailer is already out painting a picture of a dramatic great romantic comedy. Priyanka Chopra, Rebel Wilson as well as Liam Hemsworth will star in the romantic comedy. The three stars have made a big name in the entertainment industry and fans look forward to yet another great movie with a combination of stars who have never starred together in any movie. Love birds will have a day of their lives in the valentines day with the movie’s release.

Rebel Wilson features in the movie as Natalie and it is centered on her love life. Ms. Wilson is an Australian who took the entertainment industry by storm with huge appearances. She attended the Australian Theatre for Young People and after graduating, she made appearances on SBS’s show and others.

The movie will feature Natalie trapped in a love triangle with both Adam Devine and Liam Hemsworth eyeing for her. According to the trailer, Hemsworth will emerge the lucky one managing to get into Natalie’s inner cycle. Learn more about Rebel Wilson:

According to the trailer, Natalie is a non-believer in comedy. However, she dramatically wakes up to a romantic comedy one morning. She is initially shown talking to her mother. Her mother told her that she didn’t have a shot at landing a dream guy. Follow Rebel Wilson on Instagram

She, however, appeared to be contented and trapped in her own non-bothering life. After the fateful morning, Natalie is a fully grown lady finding her place in the world of love.

The PG13 rated movie is for sure going to influence teens positively with lessons such as self-acceptance as well as self-love surfacing. It is another huge achievement for Rebel Wilson as she stars in the yet to be a banger movie.

After graduating from college, she made an appearance on SBS’s Pizza comedy series where she took the role of Toula. She later established her career as an actress, writer as well as producer. She started becoming famous when she was featured in City Homicide and Bargain. She also wrote, produced and starred in Bogan Pride, a music comedy series. Learn more about Rebel Wilson: and

Priyanka Chopra will also be featured in the upcoming movie as Isabella the Yoga Ambassador. She has also established a notable career in the industry with huge appearances. She will complement the good work of Rebel Wilson in the movie.

Acting as Fat Amy, Ms. Wilson became more superstar when she appeared in the Pitch Perfect musical series. Fans can’t get enough of her overwhelming smily face. Her charm is just on another high level. She is relied on to bring a fun moment from any situation. In Pitch Perfect 3, Fat Amy came out as a karate specialist as she rescued her close friends from her a gone-rogue father who had kidnapped them.

Deep-inside, Rebel Wilson is an humble lady who is always working hard to put her name out there. She is confident inside her skin, and she is never influenced by side shows. She attributes her successful career to hard work.

EOS Lip Balm

EOS Lip Balm Review

On the Ulta Beauty website, the EOS lip balm has been getting many great reviews. This lip balm got a four and a half star out of five in 2,590 reviews. The most helpful review gave the product a five star and had many wonderful things to say about the product. This reviewer bought the mint flavored lip balm. The lip balm container caught her attention at checkout and she immediately grabbed it. She loved the berry flavor to it, and the fact that it wasn’t artificial or waxy. She loved the results of it. She started using it before bed, and she uses it often in place of lip gloss. She stated that it didn’t make her lips dry out, it didn’t feel flaky, or leave her lips feeling waxy or cakey. She loved the shape of the lip balm and the fact that the orb shape made it very easy to apply. She stated that the EOS lip balm is the best lip balm she has ever used, and especially for the great price it is. The lip balm was a major hit for her, and she even stated that she wishes she could tell everyone about the product!

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Sheldon Lavin And A Sustainable Future for OSI

Because OSI has been a leader in innovation and technology in the food industry, Sheldon Lavin has announced a new sustainability commitment for the company. Over the past ten years, Lavin has pushed for research and development into new sustainable strategies and technologies through the company’s two large Culinary Innovation Centers. In 2017, OSI made a hierarchical change by incorporating a Chief Sustainability Officer to oversee this important aspect. As MacDonald’s (OSI’s original customer) has also made a strong commitment to sustainability in it’s supply chain, it is no surprise that Sheldon Lavin has also chosen this change for OSI.

And companies and governments around the world have noticed these efforts. MacDonald’s recognized four OSI subsidiaries as Best of Sustainable Supply, while California awarded another subsidiary with a California Green Business certification for it’s efforts in conservation and pollution reduction. The Scunthorpe plant in the UK received a Globe of Honour Award from the British Safety Council for 2013, 2015, and 2016. This prestigious award required a five star rating from an environmental audit as well as an excellent recommendation from an independent review of plant wide initiatives. NAMI, an organization that represents nearly all red meat and turkey manufactures in the United States, has awarded several facilities several different sustainability awards as well as awarding Sheldon Lavin an Edward C. Jones Community Service Award in 2016.

It would seem impossible for a company with over 20,000 employees worldwide to instill a common set of goals and beliefs in all of those plants and offices, and yet, somehow, Sheldon Lavin has done just that. During his long tenure as CEO, he has been able to create a family like culture that inspires loyalty and commitment in the employees from the production floor to the boardroom. Accordingly, that type of commitment, be it to employees or to new sustainability initiatives, shows in the number of awards and accolades OSI, it’s subsidiaries, and Sheldon Lavin has received.

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Eric Lefkofsky Is Dedicating A Lot Of Effort And Money Into Tempus

Eric Lefkofsky has not wasted any time achieving his goals, even since he was a young boy. By the time Eric finished high school, he was already pushing to go to college and he graduated from the University of Michigan by 1991. Just two years later, Eric emerged from Michigan Law School with his Juris Doctor Degree. Along with a friend of his, Eric Lefkofky went on to found Lightbank, a company focused on funding other technological companies. Not long after this first entrepreneurial success, Eric founded Echo Global Logistics, another successful company that provided logistics outsourcing. Eric has always focused on technology companies and he even published a book known as Accelerated Disruption to discuss the impact advancing technology has on business development.

To this day, Eric Lefkofsky’s most popular company is Groupon by far, which Eric co-founded back in 2008 with a colleague of his, Brad Keywell. Despite an offer of more than 6 billion by the massive Google corporation, Eric Lefkofsky refused to give the company up. Groupon may be Eric’s most successful startup to date, but Tempus is currently his biggest passion and his proudest achievement. Since the company was started up a couple of years ago, it has grown in value to roughly three-quarters of a billion dollars.

Eric Lefkofsky’s passion for philanthropy has also been a consistent source of his inspiration when he creates a new idea for a company, which is especially true of the Eric Lefkofsky foundation. Over the years of his business career, Eric has been an active supporter of the Chicago community, donating to charities, supporting education, further research for different illness relating to children, and much more. Although Eric is currently competing in a competitive and complex industry with Tempus, Eric is one of the best there is at overcoming obstacles.

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